Choose Your Own Beliefs


I’m going to attempt to write an inner game post without proselytizing or talking to you in any sort of agenda driven cliches like ” If you don’t think for yourself, you’ll think for anyone.” or anything like that.

Instead I’d like to rationally make an irrational point.

Many of you have heard me say in the past that beliefs don’t have to be true in order to be helpful. Today I’d like to extend that point.

In order to be successful, you need to choose your own beliefs.

Kind of like a crazy person or a Scientologist (Though differentiating between those two is difficult)

What I mean by this is simple, the things YOU believe now are NOT necessarily true. Sure you have some correct ideas in your head like ” I can’t fly, so jumping off a building is stupid.” but for the most part and especially when it comes to dealing with women; men have a myriad of FALSE and limiting beliefs which keep them from ever having or enjoying the success they truly want with women.

Even guys like me who are extremely successful with women, still have beliefs that are not efficient or helpful when it comes to?How To Get A Girl In Bed

So what you need to do is INSTEAD of looking at the beliefs you have about how much of a too old, ugly, introverted, weirdo creep you are (which most of you are, but no judgment) and instead start focusing on what beliefs you need to have in order to have success.

And for those of you who cannot read between the lines, yes I am telling you to adopt beliefs that are not necessarily true.

The reason is this, when it comes to approaching women; YOU NEVER KNOW UNTIL YOU APPROACH. So you could be the biggest loser in the world (and a few of you are Sandy from Miami and Karl from Chicago) but the girl doesn’t know that until you approach her.

So there’s no point in going into your head and coming up with 7 million reasons you believe it’s a bad idea to approach her. Instead you want to focus on beliefs that make it easy to approach her such as the idea that it’s always on or that you never know what a woman’s type is until you approach her.

Positive and empowering beliefs like those will double or triple your success with women, well unless you’re Karl or Sandy 🙂

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