The #1 Mistake “Older Guys” Always Make…

Why “Older Guys” Should NEVER Try to Impress a Woman

A lot of guys think you have to impress a girl in order for her to want you?

Older guys believe this more than any?

He?ll tell her about his big house.

His nice car.

He?ll flash his watch.

He?ll drop in that he?s a VP at a big bank.

He might even try some funny lines he learned on the internet.

Which is strange?

Because it NEVER works.

It actually makes you come across as a creepy clich?.

And the ?older guys? without money? they think their situation is HOPELESS.

So, what should you do instead?

Well, let me tell you what my friend Hank does?

Hank?s an older guy.


Every time I?ve seen him he?s got a woman 20 years younger hanging on his arm?

Blondes in tight mini skirts. Brunettes in ripped jeans. Brazilians. Adorable Asians. Australians.

All 25 to 35. All gorgeous.

But here?s the most important part?

I?ve NEVER seen him try to impress them.

Not once.

He never flashes his watch.

He never talks about his house or his car.

I don?t even think they know what he does for a job.

And despite this?

They ALL try to impress HIM.

They dress up for him, wear just the clothes he tells them to wear, they spend hours on their makeup, and at the end of the night?

It?s THEM dragging him to the bedroom.

Yet all the while?

He sits there and lets them come to him.

Because as he says:

?It?s MY time and attention that has to be earned, NOT the other way around.?

And that?s the point:

If you want to impress a younger girl, DON?T TRY to impress her.

Because here?s a secret?

Younger women CRAVE a powerful older guy to impress?

Why wouldn?t they?

He?s the one with the life experience. The maturity. The masculinity.

He?s not some inexperienced boy.

He?s a man.

And she?s never been with a man before.

So why wouldn?t she have to earn it?

Younger women crave the approval of these types of older men?

And the only difference between the older guys trying their ?impress her? routine, and the guys like Hank?

Is that Hank knows how to make her want to impress him?

He isn?t concerned with being impressive.

He knows he already IS.

Here’s the good news…

My friend Hank and I recorded a free online class showing you exactly how to get younger women trying to impress and attract YOU.

Here’s the replay:

It explains WHY this works, and the SPECIFIC steps you need to take in order to get her trying to impress YOU.

Instead of the other way around?

We also cover A LOT of other things in regards to turning your age into your ultimate advantage with women.


P.S. Hank?s always dating girls 20, 30 years younger than him?

It?s because he doesn?t try and play a younger man?s game.

He?s mastered being the kind of ?older guy? she wants?

And now he?s letting guys in on his secrets.

See for yourself.



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