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  • Do-It-Yourself: Delicious Beer Brats

    October. The leaves are falling off the trees. Football is on the ol’ TV nearly every night. Baseball is winding down with a series of classic postseason matchups. A chill in the air blows through your place...

    • Posted October 5, 2009
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  • Doin’ It Yourself: The Homemade Kegerator

    My first inclination when seeing a headline about any kind of “do it yourself” activity is to immediately close the tab, open up Google, and see how much it costs to get someone else to do it...

    • Posted September 21, 2009
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  • Do-It-Yourself-And-Probably-Get-Blown-Up Fireworks!

    It’s never too early to start preparing for next year’s Fourth of July festivities. But, with it being a full ten months off, there’s plenty of questions that still need to be answered: What will the financial...

    • Posted September 17, 2009
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  • Doin’ It Yourself: Make Your Own Brick Oven

    With summer quickly coming to an end – and thank god, because that means football is finally on the way again – that means the time available to fire up the old outdoor grill is also quickly...

    • Posted August 18, 2009
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