The TSB Philosophy

The TSB Philosophy

TSB could only exist in today?s digital world where information transmission is instantaneous. Traditional media is thwarted by lag time, preventing the delivery of up-to-the-minute advice to a mass audience. Harnessing the power of the Internet allows TSB to synch up with the rhythm of our reader?s lives. We have the unique opportunity to coordinate our content delivery so that it reaches of our reader at the most relevant times. Auxiliary content delivery platforms like email, text message, and social media have also proven highly effective in actualizing the mutual goals of TSB and our audience.

Culture Shift

If the Internet is the engine of TSB?s success, the seismic cultural shift of the last five decades is the ghost inside the machine. Today?s man enjoys a social freedom that offers him an opportunity to proactively reinvent his identity and take personal responsibility for his happiness. Men are no longer obligated?or even expected?to marry young, hold a traditional job, or even matriculate degrees. Today?s opportunity has shaken the modern man awake from the American Dream of a doting wife, 2.5 children, and a house with the white picket fence. Indeed, we are wiping the sleep from our eyes and discovering actual happiness: a life of our own design. We are no longer shackled to someone else?s idea of success.

We are also no longer shackled to traditional media. The all-powerful gatekeepers who once decided what we heard on the radio, watched on t.v., and read in books cower in their bunkers as the onslaught of new media snipes their authority. As you read these words countless musicians are releasing music without a record deal, actors are premiering t.v. shows without a production company, and authors are publishing their work without publishers. Today?s man is independent of outside approval?we are the sole executors of our success.

Reserved for the Proactive

This freedom, however, is reserved for the proactive. Only the driven man who hops out of bed each morning motivated to succeed can fully understand the opportunity of today?s world. TSB only concerns itself with that man who wants more out of life. We aggressively encourage our readers to scoff in the face mediocrity and spit in the eye of passive acceptance. We want each reader to actively seek the opportunities around him and live his life on his terms, according to his values. Ironically, this inspired attitude is undermined by the same mediums that promote it.

Reactive spectatorship is an unfortunate consequence of the omnipresence of media. Channels for distraction plague productivity as men find endless diversions that prevent them from ever taking action. With the click of a mouse or wave of a control, men find outlets to placate their every desire. Rather than leverage their ability for success, men siphon their time and energy into passive spectatorship. The cheap, superficial, and fleeting thrill of vicarious success defines the lives of most men. Rather than celebrate their own accomplishments, they cheer the accomplishments of a professional sports team. Rather than enjoy a healthy sex life, they masturbate to pornography. And rather than concentrate on their own success, they shirk responsibility through easy laughs, simple highs, and constant stimulation. TSB is tenacious in dissuading men from taking the low road of reactive spectatorship.


TSB connects the modern man with the lifestyle choices available to him. Today?s man enjoys the unique opportunity to dictate the terms of his own success in every aspect of his life?from his career choice to his sex life. Anyone with a broadband Internet connection has unlimited, unrestrained access to information that was once the exclusive domain of the intellectual and financial elite. TSB acknowledges the vast, life-altering potential that harvesting this information can effect?as such, TSB stands on an unshakable foundation of truth.

Higher Standards

We relentlessly sift content to differentiate entertainment from empowerment. While TSB certainly has a sense of humor and a love for leisure, we refuse to sacrifice the quality of our information for a cheap laugh or ?easy read.? Our commitment to the betterment of our reader?s lifestyle is our foremost concern. Editorial submissions come from authors who are not writing their content, but living it. If it has no practical real-world application then it has no place on TSB. We stand adamantly behind this criterion to ensure our readers feel confident when translating what they read into what they live.

Much of men?s media today succumbs to the temptation of instant gratification. Even so-called self-development outlets often cater to the cheap thrill of bickering, gossip, name-calling, and rumor starting. TSB takes a strong stance against scandal mongering as we believe this directly contradicts our vision of a well-lived, disciplined lifestyle. We proudly forfeit the attention and traffic we might generate pandering to myopic whims in favor of staying consistent to our ultimate vision of an empowered future.


Critics may cite the prurient pictures and advertisements adorning TSB to support an argument that we espouse lowbrow values and sleaziness. Such criticism, however, betrays the critic?s own close-mindedness and repressive attitudes. At TSB we celebrate sexuality in the same way we celebrate health and happiness. If an outside observer approaches sex and the aesthetics of the human form with shame and embarrassment, it is not the concern of TSB. Likewise, we do not degrade women or present sex as if it were a hidden pornography stash in a schoolboy?s tree house. We openly and warmly encourage our readers to enjoy their sexuality in a way that?s safe, healthy, and modern.

Our core values of truth and freedom necessitate we eschew any form of censorship. All editorial content is presented completely as the author intended it. While we do not always agree with the views and opinions that appear in TSB, we cannot and will not censor a submission in any way. Our readers should expect absolute transparency from TSB. Once an editorial submission is accepted, TSB will never impose a buffer between writer and reader as we believe that is like imposing a buffer between truth and reality. Censorship is a procrustean practice that died with yesterday?s media.

Character, Not Characters

TSB also scrutinizes today?s male role models. Athletes, actors, musicians, and other public figures who have disgraced themselves have no place on TSB. We refuse to be another squawk in the chicken coup of reactive media catering to sensationalism and preying on voyeuristic inclinations. Instead, our coverage of public figures depends on how their accomplishments and life decisions align with the vision of TSB. Criticism and praise levied by TSB hinges on a celebrity?s life choices. We feature character, not characters.


Any modern man can understand, relate to, and benefit from the content and themes on TSB. Because our content is so universal, TSB transcends borderlines. No country or nationality can define TSB. Men across the world read TSB. Demarcating TSB with a formal border would be like putting a limit on a man?s success. To assign TSB to a formal location is impossible?we exist within the motivation and drive of each reader.

Likewise no borders exist between our writers and their content. Our editorial policy demands complete transparency between a writer?s lifestyle and his contributions to TSB. We refuse to publish fluff or filler articles that contain no substance or honesty. Our reader has a confidence and expectation that our content delivers an emotional and informational experience unique to TSB. Even if content hinges on indecency or vulgarity, if it contains a shred of truth and a spark of inspiration, we will forfeit decorum for quality. This sometimes raises an issue of political correctness to which TSB shuns adamantly.

Personal Credo

We believe political correctness and all other implied social contracts are products of a herd mentality. Surrendering to a predefined set of values determined by an unseen committee directly contradicts TSB?s mission of self-reliance and living by one?s own personal standards. As such, we not only disregard political correctness, we encourage each individual to live by his own personal credo?beginning with our writers. This sometimes produces content deemed offensive by society at large. However, it is our belief that, in these cases, offensive becomes synonymous with empowered. A man?s correctness has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the individual.

Rather than scamper into the murk of privacy and secrecy, TSB promotes itself openly and proudly. We make no excuses for our content, for our writers, for our way of living. Our mission is an outgrowth of our original vision of unrestricted lifestyle design. The modern man has a highway of choice at his disposal. Coupled with that choice is a newfound social freedom that delivers him from the pressures and expectations of yesterday. To utilize this potential, TSB offers a roadmap to success. We spotlight the most innovative thought leaders and highlight the most relevant trends in every aspect of the modern man?s lifestyle.

Distinguished Personal Achievement

Whether a man wants to improve his fitness, heat up his love life, increase his wealth, or learn a new skill, TSB attracts and welcomes readers by motivating positive change. Men can chart their growth alongside TSB, returning each day to perpetually evolve their thinking. Likewise, TSB is always available, ready when a man is struck by a flash of motivation or a moment of inspiration. We translate those feelings into success. We believe every man has the ability, the right, and the tools for the most distinguished personal achievement?we function as the catalyst between masculine drive and positive outcome. We live in an age where opportunity and freedom brazenly dare men to realize their dreams?that?s the starting point of TSB.

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