There you are. There they are. You are seated across from eachother. The right eyes line up. Now what?

As we discuss elsewhere in this book, like really does attract like. We tend to like people who are like ourselves. From a physiological perspective this means that the best impression you can make on another person is probably to emulate their non-verbal mannerisms.

When you are in that first contact situation you can easily notice how the other person is seated and then model their physiology. This is done by adopting a similiar posture seing to it that your hand and leg positions are similiar. In other words, simply sit as if they were looking in a mirror and seeing themselves. You will find this easy to do.

This process of mirroring another person is often called matching or pacing. When people begin to use similiar gestures and experience similiar facial responces they tend to synchronize in other ways that are almost magical. This mirroring can lead to rapport being developed more quickly and sometimes instantly.

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