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Below is a self hypnosis exercise that can help you overcome self defeating behaviors and beliefs.

Find a comfortable place to sit, free of distractions. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and hold it for a few moments. As you exhale, allow your body to fully relax, letting go of any tension. That’s right, just relax.

Now, take in another breath and hold it. Hold it. Now exhale, and again relax, this time even deeper. Only you will be able to allow yourself to fully relax in the best way you know how.

Begin to imagine yourself outdoors. It is a beautiful day and the landscape around you is just the way you would imagine it to be. You are comfortable here and it is relaxing just to enjoy this place.

As you look around you notice that there is a building nearby. You are drawn to that building and find it to be a very curious place.

That curiosity urges you to open the door and enter the building. As you do so you find yourself in a room. That room is exactly the way that you would like it to be. You spend a few moments exploring the room, discovering all sorts of wonderful items and furnishings.

As you continue to look around this room, you discover that there is another “you” in the room. A “you” that is exactly the way that you would like to be. The new “you” with the highest possible standards, and with the behaviors that you admire and desire. The “you” that is fulfilling their life goals and purpose.

You may be a bit surprised to find the other you here, but soon you find it simply fascinating. You begin to observe the other you, noticing how you walk and move. You notice your energy and behavior, admiring your positive qualities.

That other you walks to the center of the room and turns their back to you. You walk up behind them and stop, standing just two paces behind them.

Taking a deep breath and relaxing, you step forward and meld right into them. You become one with them, feeling your hands in thier hands, your feet in their feet, and looking through their eyes.

Take a few moments to feel what it is like to be in their body, this new you. What do you notice about the way you feel? What do you notice about the way that you are thinking? How is it different to be in this aspect of you, rather than your previous one?

When you are finished exploring, notice what you have learned about yourself. What is different about yourself now? What is the same?

In what ways would you handle your life differently if you were this new aspect all the time? What would you change in your life if that occured? What outcomes would be different? How would people react to you differently? How might your goals be more easily attained?

In a few moments you will have the opportunity to step back out of this new you. You always have the option of just staying in this new aspect of you. You don’t have to step back out. And you can also choose to step back out and bring with you certain qualities of this new aspect of you. Regardless, you will always be somewhat affected by having experienced this visualization.

So, deciding whether to step out of this aspect, or not, or just bring back certain qualites, simpy count 1-2-3, and make it happen. Very good. How are you feeling?

Now, remembering all that you have experienced in this exercise, simpy count from one to five, emerging from your visualization and returning to full wakefullness in this present moment. One, two, three, coming up, four, aware of this time and spacem and five, wide aware and refreshed and returned to this present moment.

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