10 Steps to Seduction

The 10 Steps To Seduce a Woman

There are quite a few different tatics and strategies that are used and encouraged as regards how to seduce women and pack a no-return punch on a girl here on this site on elsewhere. However, the steps that you need to take, needs to be followed precicely and sequentially.

In analyzing all the feedback i’ve been getting and putting them all together, I begin to realize one thing. Lots of you who utilize this site and put to good use the strategies are lacking in one thing. Whats that? You handicap yourself by not harnessing the incredible leverage that comes from using multiple strategies together. Now, these steps are laid out numerically, however they should be used in concert as much as possible for maximum effect.

Step # 1. – Utilize the 3 Second Rule.

Always approach a woman as soon as you determine your likeness for her. Never, wait, ponder, flirt or worse, stare.

Here’s what happens when you don’t act in 3 seconds. You give her all the time she needs to size you up and decide if she likes you or not. She can decide you’re too short, youre too tall, too skinny or even too fat. She can draw conclusions about your dress, your hair, and even your expressions. Now, after all that, you finally muster up all the little courage you have to approach her, only to be faced by all those assumptions she had already made about you, so if she dosen’t like you from what she assumed, its all over.
Avoid all that by making your approach in 3 seconds. Increase your odds and step up your game. I know some of you are saying, “what if you have no idea what to say to her?” Good question!

Step # 2. Smile.

You might say to yourself, thats obvious, or you might reason that smiling is not that important. Whatever your thoughts are, try not to down-play the importance of smiling. Most women are scared to death of men approaching them, so they switch to combat mode. So unless you can some how ease that fear and make them feel comfortable and relaxed and open you will most likely face the wrath of a woman whom you will probably, later, call a bitch.

Closely related to smiling is laughing. Laugh liberally during the rapport that ensues. Don’t laugh like an idiot, but appropriately so she can see, or think, you’re a fun guy who is down to earth and exciting to be with. It breaks down her “bitch defences” and leaves an opening for you to penetrate her with your seductive mental injection.

Step # 3.Establish Eye Contact

Eye contact is a must if your’e going to portray any kind of confidence, reassurance and credibility. When I say eye contact, i’m not referring to a quick glance, then the look away. When you look at her, you must look with deep concentration and confidence, as if you’re looking for something deep inside her pupil. You must look as if…yes…you know who you are, and you know what you want. But no need to scare her, it can be tempered, effectively presented with your charming smile and warm personality, to produce a much more powerful effect. My friend once told me he refused to hire a guy once for the mere reason that he didn’t look him into the eyes. For that guy, it cost him hes job. It can cost you a wonderful seduction.

Step # 4. Rapport.

You MUST establish rapport right away. Women like to talk so establishing a rapport with her is not as hard as it might seem. You might want to open your conversation with her by complementing her on her style of dress of something unique about her dress and grooming – not her sexy body. Then you might say something like, “I can tell you have a great sense of style, thats very impressive…” Try to be sincere yet not too serious, warm yet not to forward. Speak slowly and deliberatey as you look into her eyes. Mirror her posture, her smile, her, breathing, her tone, and volume, while you begin to very gently introduce her to the next strategy, and kino every chance you get, especially when you share a smile or laugh.

Step # 5. – Elicit Her Values

This is where you begin to get down to the business of seducing her. You want to elicit the values she holds dear to her. How do you do that? Well, for one you dont want to start off by being too intrusive, asking her about her business. You want to ask her questions like, “….sooo if i should ask you whats really important you you in a guy, how would you answer?”, then listen to her core values. Why? Well think about this: If she says she likes honesty, funny guys and security, she just told you how to seduce her! At this point, if everything goes well, you want to isolate each value she gave you and delve into it so as to understand what really make her tick. For example you might say: “Interesting. So which one of those values do you consider the most important? Then, what you want to do is encourage her to go deep within herself and pull out the emotions that are associated with this value.

Step # 6. Talk About Her

While you’re in rapport together with her, you have to remember to talk, not about you, but about her. Ask her questions about her past relationships (you get to know the deeper things about her like this), how she was as a little girl, which one of her parents is she most close to, what she does to attract guys etc. Keep youself a mystery as much as possible. If she ask you something like; “So what kind of girls do you like?”, the best way to deflect that question is to begin to answer and then, in the middle of you answering the question, complement her on something about her. That will deflect the conversation back to her, where you want it to be.

Step # 7. Use Patterns?

Some guys are reluctant to use patterns, however, you will shock yourself at how hypnotised a girl gets when you do! Once you have elicited her values, you now have the tools necessary to become the man she really wants. Use embedded commands in your patterns for maixmum effect. Embedded commands bypass her conscious mind and avoid the cock-block resistance she usually puts up. If the command is uttered plainly, it might encounter resistance, but what you want to do is embed it into her conciousness subliminally. The purpose of using embedded commands is to move her mind in a (NUDE ERECTION) new direction without seeming to be intruding or pushy in any way. Heres an example of one you can use:

“You know that feeling you get when you’re talking with THIS realy sweet guy, and this warm, penetrating feeling just envelopes you, and AS YOU’RE TALKING, its like his voice is just so soothing and relaxing, and the more you listen the more you begin to feel irresistibly attracted to him (point to self). And you begin to feel so comfortable, relaxed and open. Its a lovely feeling isnt it…..(she nods yes) and you you know what sometimes happens…you thought you wouldn’t have this feeling you’re having until you begin to feel it so intensely…and now that you are…you find so much easier to just let go and be free as you want to…laughing and being completely happy and feeling like being taken away…its very special when that happens isnt it…”

Step # 8. Power Close?

Power Closes are one of MOST IMPORTANT steps to getting laid. You can be superior at all the other steps and techniques, but if you can not close, and ask for a call to action (a date, a number, some time together right now, a kiss…etc) then there is no way you gonna get laid, except by luck ofcourse. The first thing you must do is recognising the “Time to Close.” Once that is done you can quickly go on to the second step, which is, deciding on your closing technique. Thirdly, you want take action and make your closing statement. Most times its more appropriate to get a number and take it from there. At other times (like at a concert) its more appropriate to arrange to meet at a different spot right away. What I do if i’m going for the digits is to presuppose its a certain area code and say something like: “Its (her area code) 876 right?” Then she’ll say “Yea.” Then i’ll just look at her with the “whats the rest” look, my fingers on the phone. That usually work.

Step # 9. Do Your Phone Work?

Congratulations. You got to step number nine. Only one more step before you accomplish your goal of ultimate seduction. You make your successful close and have now agreed to talk together again. Assuming you decide to continue on a different day, time, whatever….you MUST do your home work, that is, you must put in the phone work. You dont want your second meeting to be a “date”. That will only mean you’re going to spend, YOUR money, and at the same time trying to impress her. You don’t want that. Put off as much as possible, setting a day to go on a date, but keep her mind occupied with jucy images of both of you. Make her hot and bothered so much that at some point you can say, “so…i was thinking we could see a movie together at my place”, and she will be all for it. Its also important to make a promise to her of something you’re going do together or something you want to do for her. What do I mean? For example, you can offer to massage her, on a conditional basis…whatever the condition it dosen’t matter ’cause now she will be doing everything she can to meet the condition.

Step # 10. The Meeting

This is the finale of your carefully crafted strategy and hard work. Don’t screw it up! First thing you want to do is to set the mood. Make sure your place is in good order, especially your bedroom. Buy or burn yourself music fit for the occasion and the prey For example, if she hates “hip-hop” or “heavy metal” music leave that out. Also, have some liquor available so as to offer her a drink when the time comes, and don’t forget things like board games or comical DVD’s to lighten the mood.

The reason you want to do these things is to make her comfortable at your place. Don’t just be all over her when she gets there. Relax! Be sophisticated. Enjoy the way she looks in that sexy outfit, her lips (you’ll be sucking on later) as she smiles at you, her hips (imagining your hands all over them) and her eyes. Look deep into her eyes. Its the window to the soul! Remember women take alot longer to warm up to the main event . Rush her and you might hear the dreaded NO!

I hope I don’t need to tell you how to proceed all the way to the bedroom. You should have it covered from here. If you don’t you can go the massage route. Read the massage article for tips on how to proceed. Happy seducing.

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