Three Ways To Touch A Girl That Turn Her On

Getting Her Hot With The Touch Of Your Hand

I still remember when I first realized that it?s okay to touch girls soon after you meet them. I was at a college party, hanging out on my neighbors balcony talking to this little redhead. After just a couple minutes of talking the little voice inside my head started saying cool stuff for a change.

Instead of telling me NOT to touch her, he was egging me on, ?Go Jake, go Jake, GO JAKE!? So I went for it…

I flung my skinny nineteen year old arm over her shoulder and gave her a little squeeze, and I said something off the top of my head like ?you?re cool.? And thus the saga began…

In this article I?m gonna share 3 easy ways that you can start touching girls today that will show them that you are the man, and get them feelin? you on a sexual level:

1. Hand Touch

I?ve got to admit that back in my college days I usually skipped right over the hand touch. When you are in college party environment, you really don?t need to take baby steps like this one. However if you are a little older and are in a first date type of situation then this is a perfect way to segue into the more intense stuff.

There are a couple ways you can do this. Either you can just grab her hand and start holding it, or if you want to try to get more sensual with it you can lay your hand right on top of hers and interlock your fingers. Another thing you can do if the girl you are talking to has small hands is tell her that her hands are small, and say something like, ?Whoa, you?ve got some tiny little hands!? Then you can compare hands, start touching each others hands etc… (Side note. If she has large hands, otherwise known as ?man hands? SKIP this technique!?)

You can also ask her if she would like to thumb wrestle, play the hand slap game, or give you a hand massage…

#1 Way to Create Massive Sexual Tension with Touch

2. Hair Touch

Oh baby this one is good! You may have heard that if a girl is willing to let you touch her hair that she is willing to kiss you. Now I have not as of yet tested this theory conclusively enough to state that this is 100% effective. But what I can tell you is that every girl who has let me touch her hair HAS let me kiss her, and I?ve NEVER had a woman tell me not to touch her hair. So in other words the only times that women have given me the cheek are the times that I skipped this step.

Normally when I do this I also say something pretty corny along with it like, ?Whoa, your hair is shiny…? or ?Damn, I could pet your head all day, it?s so soft…?

While lines like this may sound kinda queer, they go over like cake at a fat pride convention!

3. The Waist Touch

This move is powerful, so I usually don?t use it until the girl I?m talking to has given me some clear signs that she is interested, like looking me dead in the face while standing close to me for a couple of minutes.

To pull this off, all you do is lay your palm and fingers on her side just above her pelvic bone so that your finger tips sort of curl around behind her so that you can pull her in just a tad. Touching a girl in this way gives her a clear signal that you are not afraid of her and that you are gonna be capable of handling your business.

A couple pointers on this are that you should be talking to her in a low voice while you are doing this, she is close enough that you should be able to talk at the volume of a soft whisper, unless of course you are in a loud club. In these cases you can pull her in and actually talk right into her ear. Also, try grabbing her waist with both hands … once you are doing this with a girl you know things are about to get fun…

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