Use NLP and Still Sound Cool

I want to share what I’ve learned about NLP and how it has helped me in my seduction pursuits. Contrary to what many think, NLP based suggestive language can be “inserted” into everyday normal conversation without being seen as “cheesy” or “wierd”. It’s a great way to get a woman thinking sexually about you without ever trying to get into her pants. You’re just communicating the way you normally do with women, and you can’t help it if in doing so she *also* happens to get turned on!

I am basically talking about flirting and using sexual innuendos when talking to a woman you are sexually attracted to. This can be done very smoothly, but truth to tell, it takes a lot of practice to learn. It can take well over a year before you start to get really good at it, and have it be like second nature to you. But it’s totally worth it.

For example:

Him: you’re being a bad girl today
Him: I’m going to have to put you over my knee
Her: aww..
Him: it would be my pleasure
Him: and yours too
Her: excuse me…lol
Another example:

Her: italian is such a beautiful romantic language
Him: yes, it was invented in the bedroom
Another example:

Him: what kind of music do you like?
Her: I usually like soft songs
Him: soft songs are good for lovemaking, harder songs for more…aggressive style
Another example:

Her: I can’t tell you, it’s a secret
Him: is it a dirty secret? then you can tell me…it’ll be just between us
Another example:

Her: feelings are funny sometimes
Him: yes I agree, just like you can have the feeling getting there and the feeling once you arrive, but they’re both the same because they both feel good
Another example:

Her: you have no idea what you are up against
Him: I want to find out…would involve me taking a closer look though
Him: I like to look real close btw
Her: giggle
In the above examples you notice that the man doesn’t exactly sound full of romantic drivel in the stereotypical sense. The conversation is basically relaxed and un-contrived.
I am showing examples of how to use NLP and still sound “cool”. This takes a lot of practice yes, and being able to recognize linguistic “opportunities” to steer the conversation towards a more sexual direction. You are never being crass or crude however, and are really just communicating in “images” (emotion) rather than facts (logic, such as ‘wanna f**k baby?”), and because if this you are forcing the woman to access her emotional centers to interpret your words, resulting in her getting stimulated (this is what romance novels do, and are hence very popular with women).

Where men get turned on by logical references to sex (nice body, hot legs etc), women get turned on by emotional references to sex, and this is where an NLP based style of sexual communication becomes very powerful. So you can talk about sex without ever mentioning it directly, and never being seen as a “pig”. In fact, you are being ambiguous enough to get her to think about what you mean but obvious enough to “get caught”, but usually in a funny (disarming) way. This stuff can be used very effectively with humor, and even with a touch of cockiness.

I view this as a natural skill. In other words, with enough communication practice with women your mind naturally grows towards this higher level. Just like picking up a slang or a dialect. Very hard to convey in theory, but with enough practice you will pick it up eventually. This is also known as the “talk”. But first you need to know what the talk is, to accelerate your learning.

This manner of communication is a very powerful tool in every man’s seduction toolkit. Highly recommended.

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