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The Alpha Male Attitude

It’s always about ATTITUDE.

You see, you can do ANYTHING and it will work if you have the right

However, if you don’t have the right attitude, NOTHING you do will

Why is this?

Part of it is due to your body language and a TON of subtext and
communication that is going on when you talk to a woman.

Scientific studies have proven that 83% of all communication occurs
at a level outside of the words you speak. In other words, the
actual things you say are only 17% of the actual communication
that’s going on. Everything else is eye contact, tone, inflection,
body posture, pacing, etc.

That’s why it’s so important that you SAY things WITH CONVICTION.

You cannot communicate what you don’t BELIEVE. Listen to TV
preachers for an example. You can tell when they’re communicating
with conviction. You can hear it and see it. Even over the miles of
distance to your television screen, you FEEL what they’re

All great speakers have this POWER.

And even average guys like you and me can learn how to use it.

Now, as for your question about how you change your thinking, well
that’s where you need to start NEW HABITS of thought.

David DeAngelo is a good mentor to learn this attitude from.

It starts with recognizing what you’re thinking, and either
ignoring it, or changing it.

The easiest way to change your thinking is to ACT like the person
you want to be.

However FEAR always tries to get in the way. It’s our FEARS that
stop us from acting the way we would like.

You need to identify where you are letting your fears and emotions
run wild and override your reason.

It starts with BEHAVIOR.

The quickest way to change your thinking is to change your
BEHAVIOR. The more you ACT like the person you want to be, the more
the thoughts and attitudes will start to creep in and build inside

You can’t smile and laugh without feeling good inside. It’s just
NOT possible. That’s an example of action influencing thought.

It’s impossible to go up to 20 women and introduce yourself without
feeling more confident about the process when you’re done (or the
next time you go out and try.)

The ones who don’t believe this never actually DO THE WORK, and
therefore never find out. I’ll get a ton of letters from everyone
complaining EXCEPT the guy who actually DOES IT and sees for
himself. Funny, huh?

You’ve got to TRAIN your mind to be confident and cocky.

It’s the ACTION that gets you to start changing your thinking. You
can’t just change all your thoughts and suddenly jump into the
seduction game anew and be a success. You start by going in there
and making a mess.

Screw up a bunch of them, and then learn from it. Go in and don’t
be afraid to make mistakes. That’s what separates the men from the
stay-at-home beat-off beta guys.

You approach more women to feel more confident about it, and then
the fear will go away.

You try out a ton of cocky things to say, and after you say a bunch
(without needing her to approve of you – VERY important) THEN you
will start to get the attitude. Yes, if you have to, start by
faking it until you make it.

The ATTITUDE is mixed right in there with the action, and it’s not
a separate ingredient, like adding eggs to your cake batter. You
develop it WITH the behavior and words.

It may seem like this is a chicken-and-the-egg situation, but it
really isn’t. It’s only as complicated or difficult as you make it.

The “ATTITUDE” is simply this ONE way of thinking:


That sounds so simple, but 95% of all guys go at this with an
attitude that her opinion of him is going to CRUSH him, and that
her opinion of him somehow MATTERS.

No one makes you inferior without your permission.

But, as I said, most guys want to go in without risking anything, and they wind
up in search of this “perfect system.” Which doesn’t exist.

We talk about this phenomenon all the time in Martial Arts. There
are these guys who want to find the “perfect art” that kicks all
the other’s ass, and they’re COMPLETELY missing the point.

It’s not WHAT they’re doing, it’s HOW they’re doing it. If they
took the time to learn one art to mastery, they’d GET IT. Instead,
they look for the solution as being something OUTSIDE themselves.

It’s all about using your strengths and attitudes to communicate an
ALPHA MAN attitude to women.

A lot of guys want more success with women, whether one or many.

But they’re afraid to do what it takes to actually get it. This is
especially true about understanding what women want.

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