How to Become an Alpha Male

Understanding the Alpha Male Mindset and the Path to Getting There

Imagine you are sitting in a restaurant with friends, enjoying a meal and friendly banter. There is a low hum of ongoing conversations from patrons in the restaurant. As you are laughing at a light joke, you notice a stunning brunette sitting at the bar. She appears confident; not the least bit shy.

She looks around the restaurant while sipping her drink. It crosses your mind to take a chance and speak with her. The thought is quickly shut down, realizing she is probably out of your league. Women like her have a higher standard, and you obviously don?t measure up.

Suddenly, her gaze is turning in your direction. Maybe if you make eye contact and offer a smile, she might reciprocate. So, you smile and hope your eyes meet. But, just before she looks at you, her attention shifts. She looks to the door. As you turn to investigate the source of her curiosity, you notice some of the women in the restaurant are looking to the door, as are a handful of men.

Then you see him. A man approaching the hostess stand. He is well-dressed and groomed, average height and weight, and no better looking than you. But, as he walks to the stand, you can ?feel? his presence. There is no hesitation in his actions and his demeanor tells you he is not someone to tangle with.

He speaks to the hostess, then proceeds to the bar with purposeful steps. Multiple eyes are on him, mostly women, though he takes no notice. He sits at the bar a few chairs from the brunette. He doesn?t appear to have noticed her. But, moments after he sits and orders a drink, she gets up and approaches him.

She stands and waits for him to notice her. When he does, she blushes and drops her eyes timidly, every bit of her previous composure melted away. She introduces herself, sits down and they talk for a bit before moving to a table to enjoy a meal. As they dine, you can see the jealous glances of other women looking at her. And the men? You see some with looks on their faces matching your thoughts; who the hell is this guy, and how can I be like that?

That guy is an Alpha male.

What is an Alpha male?

My guess is you have probably seen men like this. Don?t confuse them with run-of-the-mill business ?suits? running around doing their business. The ?suits? that are Alpha, are usually sitting in the upper reaches of companies, not running around like ants.

It is common upon hearing the term Alpha male, for men to make assumptions. Typically, the thought is that Alpha males are wealthy, deriving command from their money and power. This is a misconception, just like many others. Money doesn?t make men Alpha, nor does authority or a ?bully? mentality. Inferior men often hide behind money or power, letting these devices present a false Alpha persona.

A true Alpha male needs no curtain to hide behind. An Alpha male is self-possessed, confident, no-nonsense and postured. He is a gentleman. He has honor, discipline, and manners. The true way to know if you are dealing with an Alpha male is to look in the eyes. They do not waver, they are not intimidated, and they command with a look.

Most importantly, an Alpha male can be any man. Regular ?joes? from many walks of life are Alphas. They are Alphas because they have the one thing most men lack: unwavering confidence.

What Does It Take to be an Alpha Male?

Yes, you can become an Alpha male. To do so, you need to understand and develop an Alpha mindset. It isn?t an overnight process though. And, above all else, it takes commitment. Not, half-ass commitment; it requires a true commitment to changing what you think you know.

The base foundation of the Alpha male is confidence. So, let?s define confidence first.

Confidence is simply the combination of what you know and what you believe about yourself. If you have knowledge and understanding about something, you believe it, and you own it. You are confident.

For example, think about reading. You can read because you learned how, practiced it and made it an unconscious ability. You believe you can read because you know you can read, and you can succeed in reading because you believe.

Sounds like a riddle doesn?t it? It isn?t. It is simple ?math.? Knowledge and belief work together to create confidence.

So how do you translate that to become an Alpha male?

Building confidence means building knowledge. You must learn, then act on that knowledge. I will lay out the key areas that require learning, understanding and making a part of your daily life. Remember, you are the sum of your parts, as is your confidence.

Alpha Physical Traits ? Alpha males take care of their body. They know about proper nutrition and exercise. They are confident about their health and body, no matter the physical imperfections. Alpha males are well-groomed and well-dressed. They understand the importance of presence. When an Alpha male is confident in his appearance, opinions from others do not matter. Alpha males are patient.

Alpha Male Attitude ? Alpha males don?t have a chip on their shoulder. They are gentlemen, whether dealing with women or men. They understand leadership and how to lead or follow when necessary. They don?t let trivial matters distract them. They address others with respect and dignity. They don?t speak from ego and frustration, they speak from knowledge. Alpha males are patient.

Alpha Male Psychology ? Alpha males rid themselves of anxiety and stress. They understand that they are in control of their minds. They know how to replace negative thoughts with positive. They know how to reserve their ?fucks? for things important enough to give them for. They learn and incorporate knowledge into their lives. They understand the importance of change, and that change means growth. They live by the example they set for themselves and others. They are proud and realistic, with a strong, yet humble ego. They are patient.

Alpha Males and Women ? Alpha males know women. They learn about their needs, wants, instincts and desires. They understand the differences between women and men and respect the similarities. They speak to women with control and directness. They guide a woman?s actions through dominance, not brutality. They do not disparage, degrade or dissuade. They do not lash out in impatience, nor strike in anger. They understand that extreme personal pleasure is a result of giving extreme pleasure to women. They live their life as a man that women instinctively desire. They are patient.

Alpha Male Sexuality ? Alpha males understand their body and sexuality. They own their wants, desires, fetishes, and imperfections. They know that imperfections are human, and easily overcome with skillful knowledge. They know how to use their body to deliver high levels of pleasure. They understand how to arouse and tease. They know how to fuck a woman thoroughly. They control their urges and act from purpose. They?think with their brain, not their dicks. They are not selfish. Their favorite activity is giving women orgasms, and they do it often. Alpha males are patient.

How Do I Know If I Am an Alpha?

To be honest, if you must ask, you aren?t there yet. If you look at the qualities Alphas exhibit, you will see common themes. One of the most important is patience. Patience is the key to adopting changes in your life and adapting to them. Primarily, self-patience as you learn and build your confident mindset.

Start with your mindset and appearance. This way you can begin to carry yourself as an Alpha. This will increase your confidence, especially because your making other changes in your life to better live as an Alpha male. Focus on getting rid of your anxieties and stress. These two things kill confidence. Stop believing in generalizations about men, and set yourself apart.

You can never stop being human; you may fail or falter. That is the one common frailty in all of us. Teach your mind the right way to think about yourself and the world. Own what and who you are. Own your thinking and actions. This is the mindset of the Alpha male.

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