How to Have a One Night Stand

Since many of the articles on this free seduction site are theory based, I like to include some step by step examples
of a good pick up. This article is from Swingcat’s book. He goes into great detail showing how to seduce a girl start to finish.
The article is quite long, but definately worth reading. It is especially good if you are wondering just how to put everything you’ve learned into action. So read on… And master the art of seduction.

How to turn an innocent conversation into a one-night stand:

So far l have given you guys all the tools you need to PRIZE women. But
some of you might be seeking a structure or order in which to use all of these

For this reason, I am including a recent example of me approaching a female
stranger and then having sex with her five hours later.

Okay onward…

The approach:

My buddy and l spot two attractive British girls having drinks at a hotel bar in
Vegas. They are dressed very fashionable and trendy. One is a blonde, the
other is a brunette.

I approach them with my body positioned at an angle and say in a fun
energetic way, “Hey girls…do you know your eighties and nineties pop

The brunette responds, “Yea we do, what ya have in mind?”

And l say, “Well, my friend just got a pug dog. You know the small little cute

HER: Yea…they are cute.

ME: And she also got a beagle dog. You know the really long ones with the
short little legs?

HER: Yea l love those dogs.

ME: (In a very dramatic tone) Good because if you didn’t l was going to have
to walk away (turning my body away from her).

HER: laughs

ME: (turning my body towards her) So anyways, the pug is a boy and the
beagle is a girl. She wants to name them after an eighties or nineties pop
duo…So, I am trying to come up with names for her? I was thinking Sonny
and Cher because Sonny looks like a pug and Cher looks like a beagle.

(Both her, and her friend, Iaugh. They tell me that they think it is perfect).

ME: But that won’t work, because they were the seventies (they are sitting at
a little table on a sofa. At this point l sit down on the sofa next to them. I can
get away with this because they are laughing and having a good time. When
you are talking and women are responding well–maybe, for example, they are
laughing and really enjoying you–you can almost always sit down next to
them. Doing this assumes rapport).

THE GIRLS: Oh yea, you are so right.

ME: How bout Prince and Carmen Electra?

THE GIRLS: That’s cute.

ME: But wait…that won’t work because Prince looks more like a Chihuahua
than a Pug.

THE GIRLS: dying of laughter

(At this point l am beyond just doing the approach. I am moving into displaying


ME: We could call the pug “Boy George?”


ME: (Interrupting them) No that won’t work because she used to have a dog
named after Boy George. Years ago she got this golden retriever and named
it after the eighties pop star “Boy George”. But since it was a girl dog, she
called it “Girl George”. Now the dog kept getting knocked up. Maybe it got laid
a lot because of its celebrity name, I don’t know?

GIRLS: (Laughs).

ME: Anyways, my friend decided it was time to get her dog fixed. This was a
bad move. George’s hormones went haywire. For one, she got really mean
and would snap at small children. For two, she got so fat she could hardly
walk and developed diabetes. And soon after this, poor Gorgy died (As l am
saying this l am showing signs of despair).

GIRLS: Oh my god, how sad.

ME: WelI, actually, we were all glad the fat bitch was dead

GIRLS: (Kinda shocked at what l just said but they start laughing).

ME: No, but my friend was really sad.

BRUNETTE: That is sad.

ME: For like a year after the dog died she would sit around and watch videos
of the dead dog…ew…what a freak…no wonder l am not good friends with her

ME: (To the blonde) You remind me of Bugsy”.

BLONDE: Who is Bugsy?

ME: When l was a kid l had bunny rabbit named Bugsy. I loved him very much
and then one day my sister murdered him by snapping his neck. My mom
decided to go to an animal shelter to replace the dead bunny in hopes that l
would not notice a difference. However, the new bunny looked nothing like
Bugsy: it was an ugly wild bunny that was irritable around humans, and would
try and bite you if you tried to pet it. So, when l came home from school to
play with Bugsy, I noticed that he looked and acted different: instead of being
a sweet cuddly rabbit, he looked mangy and tried to bite me. As my eyes
swelled up with tears l said to my mom: What happened to Bugsy? My mom
responded with, ‘Iife’s a bitch honey and that’s what happens when you get

THE GIRLS: Oh my God, that is so sad.

ME: I know, that is why all my pets are stuffed now. PIus with stuffed pets you
don’t have to worry about feeding them or them shitting on the floor.

BRUNETTE: (hitting me on the arm while laughing) You are so mean.

ME: I like this place.

BLONDE: I think the Palms is better.

ME: Well, I like this place (here l am sticking to my guns and testing to see if l
can get her to buy into my frame)

BLONDE: I do kinda see what you are saying…this place is pretty cool. And
they have lots of cool bars (notice how she does end up buying into my frame.
This is subtle but important).

ME: Its funny, all you guys are foreigners.

BRUNETTE: Yea, that’s how l hear LA is…no one is a native from there.

ME: Well l am. I was born there.

BLONDE: Really?! That is so interesting.

ME: Yea l love LA…Although some of the people who live there give us LA
locals a bad name.

BLONDE: What do you mean?

ME: Well, for example, I have this friend who looks like Gary Coleman. Do
you guys know who Gary Coleman is?


BRUNETTE: The short black guy.

ME: yea exactly…except he looks like an albino version…and he has bright
red hair.

BRUNETTE: (laughing) So he looks like a leprechaun?

ME: yea exactly…and when you meet him, be sure not call him a midget.


ME: Well because he is not a midget. His parents gave him growth hormone
when he was growing up so he would not be a midget. And sure enough he is
not a midget. Midgets are four eleven and under and he is four eleven and a

THE GIRLS: (laughing hysterically) that is so sad…that is so messed up. That
poor bloke.

ME: So anyways, he was at this Hollywood party up at universal studios
drinking long island ice tea after long island ice tea. And after a while he had
to go for a wee. But there were no bathrooms in the vicinity. And since he is a
small man (holding my thumb and my index finger up about two inches apart)
he did not want go wee in the bushes. But to his surprise he found an
unoccupied golf cart with the keys still in the ignition. So, he decided to hop on
it and drive it to the nearest bathroom. So with his little legs he hobbled over
to the gold cart, hopped on it, started the engine and put the gold cart in
reverse. But the little bastard was so drunk that he ended up ramming the golf
cart into a lady’s brand new BMW. Unfortunately for him, she was standing
right there. She said to him, “Sir, you are going to have to fix the damages to
my car”. He gave her a condescending look and said in an arrogant tone, “I
can do whatever l want, my father is a very powerful man in this town”. So she
called the police, they came and arrested the albino Gary Coleman. They took
him to jail and he got drunk driving ticket for driving a golf cart while being
intoxicated (note: usually when telling this story l say that he got DUI for
driving a golf cart under the influence. But l thought since they were English,
they might not know what a DUI is).

THE GIRLS: (both of them laughing hysterically. They tell me how they just
got back from LA. They tell me the places that they went to).

ME: (I tell them how they went to all the wrong places. But that the next time
they are in LA they can hang with me. If they are not super creepy perverts
who treat men like sausages with feet)

THE GIRLS: (laughs)

ME: I swear girls are bigger perverts than men.

THE GIRLS: Na ah, men are bigger perverts than women.

ME: No, women are much bigger perverts and they are also a lot more
forward than men. For example, about five months ago l was in Prague.

BRUNETTE: OH my God. You have been to Prague. I want..

ME: (interrupting the brunette) Hush…I am talking. (Then l smile at her)

BRUNETTE: (smiling back) You are a prick..

ME: (smiling) I know.

BRUNETTE: But you are really funny

ME: And you are just figuring this out.

BRUNETTE: Well…um..

ME: Anyways…I was saying…Oh wait…Were you going to say something?


ME: All right…you said enough…you had your turn to talk.

BRUNETTE: (gasping)

ME: So, I was saying, when l was in Prague about five months ago, there
were these Israeli girls who befriended me. I told them that most Americans
were circumcised. But they kept telling me that they didn’t believe me, and,
thus, kept trying to feel my penis and pull down my pants to see if l was
circumcised. But l knew that this was a hoax. I knew that this really was their
lame excuse to get into my pants. I genuinely felt bad that they were treating
me like a sausage with feet. I swear girls are such perverts.

THE GIRLS: (both laughing)

BLONDE: He is cool

BRUNETTE: Yea he is.

ME: I know

ME: (I get a concerned look on my face, turn my body away from the girls)
You guys aren’t sluts, are you? (I can get away with saying this because l
already have some PRIZABILITY in their eyes).

BLONDE: (shocked) What do you mean “sluts”?

ME: (with a suspicious look on my face) You guys aren’t selling your services
or anything?

BLONDE: Of course not.

ME: Thank God…I was about to get up and leave, you can never be to sure in
this town. But at least its not Costa Rica.

BLONDE: What’s the deal with Costa Rica?

ME: Well my buddy and l went to Costa Rica on a whim. When we landed in
the capital, San Jose, we told our cab driver to take us to the nearest hotel.
So, he took us to the Hotel Del Ray. We checked into our room and went
down to the hotel bar. At the bar we started to chat up some girls. After talking
to them for a while, they said, ‘Tu gustas?’ and we said, ‘Mi gusto.’ and the
girls said, ‘How much you pay for me?’ At this point we realized that the girls
here were sluts, so we decided to leave San Jose and go to this small hippy
beach town near the rain forest called ‘Jaco’ in hopes of escaping all of the
sluts. So, we checked into our hotel, which was right on the beach. Then we
went to lunch at this little steak house. At lunch we met these two adorable
innocent looking girls. We were all chatting having a really good time when
one of the girls looked at me and said, ‘tu gustas’ and l said ‘mi gusto’ and she
grabbed my sausage and said, ‘how much you pay for me?’ At this point l was
convinced that all of the girls in Costa Rica were sluts. So, I decided for the
rest of the trip that l was going to bust on all of the girls about being sluts and l
was going to tell them that in my country women pay me. So, this one night l
was out at a bar and l was teasing this one girl about being a hooker, when l
came to find out she was a wealthy Columbian girl on vacation with her
parents. She did not take a liking to my antics. But to make a long story short
she ended up becoming my Costa Rica girlfriend. Her and l went skinny-
dipping and made mad passionate monkey love in my hotel pool in the middle
of the night. It was truly a romantic night. I guess l am a hopeless romantic

a hre

BRUNETTE: I travel a lot, not as much as you but l do travel a lot. I really like
people who travel…I mean people who travel are so much more worldly and
know so much more…that’s why l want to travel more.

ME: Yea…I agree with you…but the real reason l am into travelling is that l
love Mc Donald’s ice cream. And my goal is to have a Mc Donald’s ice cream
in every country in the world.
The Brunette tries to get me to tell her more stories about travelling, but l tell
her that we are talking about ice cream now, not travelling. I go into really
stupid mundane stories about ice cream. Nonetheless, I continue to have the
girls laughing (notice how l am using the Pushing & Pulling tactic ‘Revealing &
Concealing’ to make her want me and chase me more–very powerful indeed).
(At this point, I go completely silent. I am putting the responsibility of
continuing the interaction on the girls. This is very powerful).

BRUNETTE: So, what’s your name?

ME: Swinggcat…what’s yours?

BRUNETTE: Brunette. Would you like something to drink?

ME: Yes, Vodka tonic.

BRUNETTE: She calls over a waitress to get me a drink.


Up until this point l have hardly asked them any real questions. However, now
that they have started to ask me questions, I can ask them questions. From
here l go into a cold reading.

ME: (looking at the blonde) I bet that you are more of an observer than an

BLONDE: What do you mean?

ME: There are some people in this world who are totally in the moment. They
are the ones who are always participating in what is going on. They are
actors. Then there are people who are kinda standing back, analyzing what is
going on. They are observers. You are an observer. I bet that sometimes
there are things that come along that you want to do, but before you do them,
you have to think about it, analyze it. But you are happiest when you can
just let go, not analyze, and be in the moment.

BLONDE: Yea that is very true about me.

ME: But with her (pointing to the brunette), she is more adventurous.

BRUNETTE: Your good.

ME: I bet you like attention.


ME: From people that are special to you, you really love attention. And it’s like
in that context, you feel comfortable and enjoy being the centre of attention.

BRUNETTE: yea…very true.

ME: Yea, see, I am the same way…

BRUNETTE: I can see that.

ME: And that is why you and l could never be friends…we would both be
competing for the spotlight (notice that if l did not have PRIZABILITY at this
point, I would be slamming the door in her face. But since she already “wants”
me to some extent, I actually am only tentatively disqualifying her. Put in other
words, I am challenging her to show me why we should still be friends).

BRUNETTE: You and me are both crazy so l think we would get along. PIus, I
don’t always have to be the centre of attention.

ME: Yea you do…But remember, if you plan on hanging out with me, I always
get to be the centre of attention. If you try, even once to steal the spotlight
from me, you are fired from being my friend. Those are the rules

BRUNETTE: (laughs) Your crazy, I like you.

ME: I know. Were you close with your father?

BRUNETTE: No…maybe when l was really young…but when l was older, I
was not close to him.

ME: You know, I can tell that about you, because although l bet you are
adventurous, there is a part of you that maybe you keep closed and don’t
open up that easy. There is a part of you that sometimes has a hard time
letting people know the real you.

BRUNETTE: Very true.

ME: And l think it is important to have a father figure, but that father figure
does not have to be male. For example, my father was not around much due
work. And, so, it was my grandmother who taught me how to be a man. She
looks like a little Jewish Italian woman on the outside. But once you get to
know her you realize that she is one tough lady: not only does she have a
mouth on her, she has a world-class left hook. She not only taught me how to
stand up for myself, she taught me how to fight. Did she hit me? Yes,
however, she was not a grandson abuser. In fact we would hit each other, we
would box, and we would tease each other. But this was our way of showing
affection to each other (much of the inspiration for this story comes from my
friend Chris P.).

BRUNETTE: Oh my God, your grandmother seems so cool (she goes on to
tell me about her grandmother).

The bar is closing, so, we all decide to adjourn to another bar. When we get to
the bar, the brunette insists upon buying me more drinks. I continue talking to
the brunette, while my friend talks to the blonde. This is good, because l no
longer have to worry about occupying both girls–yeah for wingmen! Then l go
to use the bathroom. When l come back some other guy is chatting to the
brunette. So, I start to talk to my friend and her friend. I start showing them
pictures of my trip to Europe. I notice out of the corner of my eye that the
brunette keeps looking over, but l keep ignoring her. Then she interrupts and
says that she wants to see the pictures, so, I show her one, and then turn my
camera off. Then l start talking about a rock band and she says she likes
them, so l give her a double high five and hold onto her hands and say, that
that makes her cool, and, thus, she has permission to hang out with me. But
then l begin to push her away by pushing her hands just a teensy weensy bit
away from me, yet still holding onto them and saying this:

ME: But l am not sure how adventurous you are, so, actually, I am not sure if
we can hang.

BRUNETTE: Oh l am adventurous.

ME: Well what’s the most adventurous thing you have done in the last year?
She tells me, and then l tell her that she has permission to see my pictures. I
start showing her pictures of me in Europe. She tells me again that she really
likes that l am well travelled.

The Kiss:

So l tell her that l like that she is well travelled too. I give her a double high five
again, hold onto her hands, and pull her into me really close, so we are lip to
lip. She leans in for the kiss, and l push her away (this is so powerful). At this
point l purposely get very quiet. This let’s the tension build. I also lift up my
shirt a little exposing my stomach (this is a great technique that a woman
taught me last year. It really turns women on. It is equivalent to when a
woman stretches her back and thrusts out her breasts). Also, by me going
quiet on her, it forces her to restart the conversation again (this is a form of
PRIZING that will usually not work if you have not established PRIZABILITY
with her).

As soon as she starts attempting to restart the conversation, I grab her hands
and pull her close to me–to the point that our lips are touching. She starts
trying to kiss me, and l push her away again. At this point l talk to her a little
bit but keep the conversation pretty mundane (instead of doing what most guy
would do–talk about sex–I am building tension by purposely talking about
things which are very G-rated). Then l grab her hands and pull her into me.
We start kissing. When she tries to use her tongue, I pull back just a little bit.
Then l use just a little bit of tongue and when she returns it l pull it back. She
starts kissing me heavier and then l pull back completely.

She has a big smile on her face and says to me, “your evil”. I am probably the
first guy in her twenty-one years of living that has ever pulled this on her and
she loves it. She asks me where we should go and l tell her that she is being
very aggressive with me. I tell her that l hardly know her and she is already
treating me like a sausage with feet. She laughs. My buddy and l end up
going with the girls to the bar at the hotel they are staying at. My buddy
is not hitting it off with her friend and her friend decides to go to bed.

Going for the Shag:

I suggest to the brunette that we go to her room. She says that she wants to
but her friend might have a problem with that. So, I tell her if her friend gets
jealous or is lonely, then we can have a threesome. She laughs, and then
goes up to talk to her friend. She comes back down and says that her friend
feels that it would be insensitive to her. So, I say, “I just want you to be
comfortable with the situation: whether you would rather go up to your room
with me, or come to my hotel is your choice”. She decides to come to my
hotel. When we get there, she is a little uncomfortable because there is only
one bed. I tell her that she should not worry because my friend is sleeping on
the roll away bed. But there is one problem, my dick head friend refuses to
use the roll away bed. He is just sitting there making her feel all

I take her right next to the bathroom, which is out of sight of my friend. She
and l start making out and l continue doing physical Pushing & Pulling by
Pulling her into me and then Pushing her away. Then, I lift up my shirt a little
exposing my stomach. This time she pulls me close to her. I lift up her shirt so
both of our stomachs are touching (I find that a lot of girls get turned on by
this). She starts undoing my shirt. So l take my shirt off. Now at this point, she
is still fully clothed.

Next l undo my pants but leave my boxers on. She keeps trying touch my
willy, but l don’t let her. I start kissing and biting her ears and neck. And then l
do the same thing on the inside of her elbow (I Iearned this from my buddy
Chris P. This is literally one of the fastest ways to turn a chick on). I continue
doing lots of foreplay using lots of physical Pushing & Pulling. Then l notice
the smell of her arousal (I don’t know about you guys, but when many women
become aroused, I can literally smell them). I move back to kissing her. She
can feel my dick against her, and she wants to touch it but l am not letting her.
I move my hand around to the front of her and start rubbing her clit at the one

o clock position (I learned this from the Welcomed Consensus. They have
some great instructional sex videos. I highly recommend them. Check out
their website I can tell that she is getting
close to the edge, so instead of taking her over, I stop. Then l start again. I get
her almost to that point and stop. Then she reaches for my dick. This time l let
her actually touch my penis. She tries to stuff my penis into her without a
condom, but l stop her. Luckily l have a condom in my pocket, so, I jimmy up.
We start fucking, but then she sees my friend trying to watch, and she begins
to feel uncomfortable. So, we leave the room and go to the Hotel across the
street. I end up shagging her in the men’s restroom located in the lobby.
I did not include every detail that happened. There are many parts that l
skipped. However, I have included the parts that were responsible for me
shagging her.

So, I hope that this has been helpful in giving you a picture of what PRIZING a
woman should be like. If you have questions, stories, or just want to tell me
how much you love my book, feel free to email me at

Yes, another great seduction article at The Seduction Bible. This is the superior
place to learn how to pick up women. Learn how to build confidence. To master
the art of seduction.

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