Rogue Rules: Find Out If She’s DTF (In Under 3 Minutes)!

Cut To The Quick On The One Night Stand

The music is thumping, the crowd is jumping, the women are bumping, and before the night ends, you wanna be humping!

The problem that kicks you square in the sack when you enter any hoppin? bar or club is there are hundreds, if not thousands, of opportunities for you to explore… and only a finite amount of time for you to discover your best chance to give your mattress a serious workout.?

Now remember, young Rogueling? no matter what you do, no matter where you go, no matter whom you talk to…the clock is always ticking!

And at some point, the barman is going to yell out those dirty, disgusting, downright dastardly words: ?LAST CALL!??

Will you have a woman on your arm ready to play ?let?s see if it fits?…or will you be fitting it in your fist when you go home alone again!?

With that scenario in mind, I bring you this week?s query from Calvin P. of Syracuse, NY:

?What signs does women give off that let me know she?s DTF? I dont wanna waste my time no more.?

Poor grammar aside, I feel your frustration, Calvin.

Let?s first address the big, fat, 10-ton turd-dropping elephant in the room…When women hit the scene, they almost purposely arrange their situations to make it hard for you to pull her home for sweet action.?

Remind yourself:

Rogue Rule #13: ?Women arrange poor logistics? Deal with it!?

Be that as it may, you are not off the hook for finding a girl who is in a logistical situation that is favorable for you. You know, the woman you can actually take home to reveal every shade of grey she?s ever fantasized about.

Sounds like the right priorities, right?

Look, it?s your duty as a man to find these girls, so you gotta be wicked wise with your time…


Rogue Rule #6: ?The only thing worse than going out and not talking to a single girl is going out and talking to ONE single girl (who couldn?t go home with you even if she wanted to)!?

So you spied a hot chick on the dance floor sashaying to the beat and you spring into action.

You approach her and…

…Damn if that bootay ain?t slammin?!

…Damn if she ain?t flirtatious as all giddup!

…And…Damn if it doesn?t seem like it?s on like Donkey Kong!

?Until her friends who were scoring drinks from other dudes suddenly arrive, ready to tear her away from you because, as the ?mother hen? will always attest: ?We came together, we?re leaving together!?

Now that?s just gotta sound familiar!

Well tonight I?m setting you straight on something important so you can be that guy who never leaves the bar alone again.

Rogue Rule #2: ?He who fails to screen the scene will leave with tail tucked between.?

I hinted at this before, but let me make this very clear… Most women you meet in the bar couldn?t go home with you even if they wanted to.

Them?s the breaks!

Yeah, it?s annoying, so hit the scene and immediately set to work separating the wheat from the chaff so you can start spreading her legs AND your seed.

The good news: You can figure this information out in under 3 damned minutes if you ask a few simple innocuous questions.

Look, you have better things to do with your time than to be spending hours on end reading Nick Rogue articles. For the sake of brevity, I?m gonna list the crucial questions here with some thought-provoking discussion.

For a complete deep-dive explanation of WHY you should ask these questions (and more importantly explain WHAT answers you?re looking for), check out this FREE ?How To Get Laid Tonight! (Even If You Suck With Women)?report? Here are your 5 screening questions:

    • Who are you here with?
    • How do you know each other?
    • How did you get here?
    • What are your plans for later?
    • What time do you need to get up in the morning?

These simple questions should paint a picture of what your odds of getting her back to your place that night. Remember, the better her logisitical situation, the easier your job of getting her super sexually aroused so you can pull her back to your crib (more on instantaneous, scorching sexual arousal in upcoming installments of Rogue Rules!). 61

Rogue Rule #261: ?If you fail to have a game plan, plan for your game to fail.?

With these questions in your back pocket, here?s my personal game plan for optimizing the limited window of opportunity you have to get laid each night…

Step 1) Approach as many women as time permits.?

Step 2) Screen for her logistical situation (If she?s in a good situation proceed to step 3; if not, get her number and move on? you can work on her later!).

Step 3) Get her dripping wet with sexual desire for you using any tactic at your disposal (I have a boatload of them coming in other installments of Rogue Rules, of course!).

Step 4) Get her investing in the interaction so she backwards rationalizes that she was seducing you the entire night.

Step 5) Get her out of the bar and into a place where sex is REALISTICALLY possible.

You know what to do from there right? (Hint: It rhymes with ?sexual intercourse.?)

And there you have it. You found a girl in under 3 minutes who?s DTF.

Do things the way I teach in these columns and you can be pulling these women home for a passionate night of whatever flips your twinkie in under an hour. Be sure to tune in next week when we tackle the gentle art of the ?effortless close?…Oh, and ?please remember Rogue Rule #1: ?The only close that matters is the F-close!?

Get Some!

Nick Rogue
Your Personal Seduction Mentor

PS? I mentioned a pretty slick guide detailing why you need to ask the ?5 Logistical Questions? and what answers you?re looking for. Methinks that?s reason enough to schlep on over and download it for free:

?How To Get Laid Tonight! (Even If You Suck With Women) – It’s Free!?

…Because that?s only one small section of the guide. ?See, I reveal the only 5 things that must occur to get women begging you to ?do ?em from behind every time?… even if you?re actually rather mediocre with women.


So arm yourself with these 5 prerequisites to sex AND I?ll even throw in a quick-fix strategy to implement each point…Use this knowledge swiftly to be seeing more ass than a Groupon-listed proctologist.

Get it now, put the principles in play, get the lay, see you next week!

?How To Get Laid Tonight! (Even If You Suck With Women) – It’s Free!?

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