Here is something I got out of the famous Bishop’s journal.
For those of you practicing speed seduction or just implementing
NLP in your pickups I highly reccommend reading this.

The Wonderful World of ANCHORING

I have known about and have been using anchoring for years, before I even knew
of Speed Seduction. That being the fact, I consider this the one area of Speed
Seduction that I forgo any modesty and state that I am an expert. I say that not
to impress you, but to impress upon you that I have already done all the hard
work for you, and what I share here is the most successful anchoring I know.

Simply put, anchoring is the glue that holds any worthy seduction together.

Why do I say that?

Because without anchoring, you’re just making her horny for someone else to

For example:

You spend an hour sarging a really hot babe, using your weasel phrases and
various patterns, but you don’t use any anchors. You think you’re doing okay
though, because she really seems to be getting into this. You notice her
squirming in her chair, and you catch a quick glance at her chest to notice her
nipples are very hard. She’s sharing some juicy details about her sexual tastes,
so you’re pretty certain that you’re about to close the deal. SUDDENLY she says
with heated breath, “I better go, I’m getting awfully horny but I don’t even
know you.” And with that, she makes a quick exit, heads home, calls some guys
she DOES know, invites him over, and has hot monkey sex with HIM!!!!

Sucks, doesn’t it?

The point of anchoring is not only to have a way to get a babe to feel specific
feelings, but to have a way to connect those specific feelings TO YOU!

You might have the best tonality and the world’s best pattern, but unless you
anchor her to connect those positive feelings to you, the results will likely
not be shared moist release with you!

Okay, Just in case you’re not 100% sure what anchoring is, I’ll be happy to
detail it for you.

The “30 Seconds or Less” answer is this: “When you’re feeling ANY emotion, and
something comes along that days or even months later make you recall that memory
or gets you feeling that same emotion, that’s an anchor.”

But to detail it; An anchor is pretty much any sound, word, touch, smell, image,
or item, that causes you to suddenly feel an emotion or recall a specific
memory. Virtually anything can be used as an anchor.

Lets’do a brief exercise to prove that.

Think back to when you were in High School, and as you think about that, recall
a song that came out around that time. A song that as you hear it in your head
right now, makes you smile with some positive feelings. It might even be
acouple of songs you can recall right now, so pick the one you like more.
Continue reading on when you’ve done that.

(Insert “Jeopardy” theme here)

Okay, welcome back! Did you recall a song or series of songs? If not, shame on
you for skipping over it. If you DID recall a song and it made you feel kinda
nice as you “listened” to it, congratulations, you just experienced first hand
what an anchor is.

How that song anchored you may be for many different reasons, because it really
does depend what was going on when that anchor was firmly placed inside you.
With songs, they usually become an anchor due to a very positive event, or
acollection of positive experiences around a certain time. For example, couples
have “their song” which holds special meaning for those two people alone, thus
it anchors the relationship and all it’s emotions to that song.

For me, the song “Right Here, Right Now” by Jesus Jones always puts me in
apositive mood. And the reason why, is because it came out at a time when I was
clearing over $1,500 a week, and serves to remind me of what I’m capable of.

Now, if you can’t figure out why the song you thought of gave you such positive
feelings, don’t worry about it. The only thing that matters is that you now
understand what an anchor is.

I’m not going to get too deeply into WHY anchoring works, because the truth is,
it’s not important. I’m confident you’ll have anchoring down quite nicely,
without being weighed down by the logistics of it all. But suffice it to say
that something positive happened in your life, you heard the song, then presto-
spanko, the emotion was anchored by the song.

Want other examples of how you’ve been anchored, but may not have realized it?
Try these:

1) Imagine the sound of a dentist’s drill.
2) Recall the way your mom used to say your name when she was pissed.
3) Think about the last time you had a really good slice of cake.
4) Picture the last woman you had great sex with.

Get the idea?

What I’m getting at, is that you’ve had anchors placed on you pretty much all
your life, and now you know what the result of an anchor is. Now knowing that,
you should have a better concept as to. why you’d want to anchor things during
aseduction. (HINT: So you can get her feeling the same way later on)

Okay, now that you know what anchoring is, let’s move on to how to use it, and

The “when” is actually pretty simple; Do it when you notice the babe is having
the emotion you want to anchor.

There are those who say to wait until the emotion is at its peak, but I have
abetter idea; Anchor the emotion when you first notice it, then if you want to
play it safe, wait a second or two and anchor it again. I personally don’t do it
that way anymore, because I do several anchors all over a woman anyway.

Now, before I get into HOW to anchor, I must first mention the importance of
keeping track of what anchors you use on a babe. Imagine squeezing a babe’s arm,
thinking you’re firing off a you previously set, only to find out that you just fired off her “I hate men” anchor?!” Of course I’m just kidding
about that last part, but you get the point I’m making, right? In other words,
if you use a babe’s wrist to place a sexual anchor, use that same location for
sexual anchors on ALL the babes you sarge.

I’ve been asked, “What if her right wrist is within reach, but I always anchor
the left wrist?” My answer to that is, get her to bring her left wrist within
reach, or anchor the right wrist and hope you remember the change. A third
option could be to at some point make sure each wrist had a sexual anchor, so
you’re covered. My belief is that there is no such thing as placing too many
anchors on a babe. I average at least FIVE anchors per babe!!

So, does that all make sense? Make a habit of using the same location for the
same anchor. Okay, now let’s get to the HOW.

Even though there are virtually unlimited ways to anchor someone, my seductions
are almost exclusive to “Touch” anchors and “Verbal” anchors. A Touch anchor is
just that, touching the woman. (I’ll elaborate on it in a little bit) A Verbal
anchor, in my definition, is a word or set of words, that anchors a memory;
emotion, or state. I tend to use a Verbal anchor while I have them imagining
something, or when they’re describing something to me.

And if you really get a babe to connect to a vacation (or anything) you had her
describe, you can talk to her weeks later, say one key word, and BOOM, she’ll
feel a rush of the same emotion she had when she was describing that vacation
(or -whatever) to you.

For example, one babe (with her eyes closed) described to me in fine detail a
Jamaican vacation she dreams of taking. I had her verbally anchored to it so
deeply, that about two weeks later, I merely said the word, “Jamaica” and she
went right into state.

Actually, that’s another perfect example of why anchoring is so vital in
seduction. If I had merely had her describe the vacation, but I had done no
anchoring with it, her reaction two weeks later would have been much weaker, or
it’s also possible she would have forgotten having talked to me about Jamaica at

In my personal opinion, the two key elements you need to always remember when
anchoring are:

1) Do it in a perfectly natural manner.
2) Make it unique.

What I mean in #1, is that if you’re laughing with a babe, it would appear
perfectly natural to her if you touched her arm as you laughed. It’s also
perfectly natural to lightly rub a finger she has a ring on, which you are
admiring and commenting on.

And as you talk to her longer, and increase the level of rapport, you can start
touching more areas and get away with it! For example, when I have strong
rapport with a babe, I can put my finger right in their cleavage and they don’t
mind! (See below under ” highly intrusive” to better understand what I actually
do) What I mean in #2, is that as you touch her arm, pat the arm twice then hold
it there for a second. This still appears natural, but it’s unique enough that
it’s very unlikely someone else will accidentally fire off the anchor by doing
that exact same set of touches.

I guess a third one would be to insure that you have her in a desired state, but
I hope that was a given, right?

Before I go further, I want to make sure you understand that anchoring is a very
powerful tool, and as such must be treated with respect. And the best way to do
that, is to be very aware of when you are anchoring. That might sound like
common sense, but we sometimes anchor without realizing it!

Think back to the last time someone you cared about was upset with you, and you
touched them on the arm, or shoulder, or wherever, in hopes of comforting them.
Did it work? Maybe, but it also anchored their feeling of upset to whatever
touch you gave them. So after that event, if you, or someone else, physically
touches them in the exact same way, they’re going to feel irritated (even just a
little) and have no clue why that suddenly happened.

Are we on the same page now? Cool!

I put the body anchors I do into 3 separate categories; Low Intrusive, Slightly
Intrusive, and Highly Intrusive. As you can likely guess, my goal is to start
with the least intrusive anchoring, and lead up to the most intrusive: And when
done correctly, she’ll never be offended.

For starters, I want to make some kind of physical contact within the first 30
seconds. I like starting with a handshake as I’m introducing myself, though
sometimes if I’m playing flamingly gay I’ll go for a hug. Getting physical
contact quickly is important because it makes ever contact you have after that
seem less intrusive. Now, this doesn’t mean you should touch her every ten
seconds starting with her hand, and after ten minutes you have a finger in
her… business. If the babe is giving off a very playful vibe (I can’t describe
it, but you’ll know it when it’s there, trust me!) I’ll do a variation on what
Brother Rick taught me, which is to act like I’m about to shake their hand, but
when I have their hand in mine, I turn it over to read their palm. What I do
then, is I DO NOT LET GO OF THEIR HAND! I’ll start asking them questions about
themselves, all the while holding their hand and gently stroking their fingers
one by one. Unless the babe has an issue with being touched, every “playful
vibe” babe I’ve met will let me continue to hold their hand!!! As I’m holding
her hand, I have instant access to her wrist, which I almost ALWAYS anchor
first! No matter if she’s a “playful vibe” babe or not, the wrist is my first
anchoring spot. Not only because it falls under “Low Intrusive” but also because
it just seems so damn natural a motion to do! If I’m asking a babe, “Does that
feel like something you agree with?” it just seems like a natural gesture to
touch her as I ask that question.

The next anchor I like to use, is either on her fingers or on her arm. I like
using the fingers if they have at least one ring on, because it’s just a perfect
way to introduce any of my jewelry related patterns. The arm I’ll anchor, but
it’s actually more of a “state accelerator.” (Which means that as she’s feeling
a certain emotion, I’ll run my finger up her arm slowly, as I tell her how the
feeling is getting more and more intense.)

I classify the “low intrusive” areas as being the fingers, hands, wrists,
forearms, and top of the head. My favorite anchor for the top of the head, is
what I call the “top of the flow” spot, *Which is that one spot at the top
towards the back, where most people’s hair forms out and away from this small
circle. I’ll run my “Center of Energy” pattern and anchor that spot.

“Slightly Intrusive” would be the upper arm, neck, ears, forehead, eyes, nose,
the chest area ABOVE the breasts, just UNDER the breasts and all of the stomach,
the legs from the knees down, the ankles, and the feet (including toes). The
ears are easier to touch without freaking her out if she has ear rings on. Be
careful if you’re anchoring the face area, because some women have a problem
with ANYONE touching their face. It’s not a vanity thing, it’s just that some
women simply get freaked out by having their face touched. To test to see if the
babe you’re sarging is such a “freak” start to run the “Center of Energy”
pattern, then as you reach your finger up to touch the base of her nose, simply
ask, “May I?” Trust me, if she lets you touch the base of nose, the rest of the
face will be fine too (Except the mouth! There are some babes who consider their
mouth to be a highly intrusive area, so be careful!)

“Highly Intrusive” would be the upper leg and thighs (Obviously her crotch, but
you’ll anchor that with your cock later!) her butt, her breasts, and her mouth.
I anchor the mouth by pressing my index finger over her lips like I’m pressing a
button, in the middle of my “Inner Thoughts” pattern. When I place an anchor on
the breasts, it’s actually deep inside her cleavage, around where a sports bra
starts to cover. I won’t go into all the patterns for this area, because I
believe your focus should be on insuring strong rapport by the time you reach
this area. You have to be in pretty strong rapport with a babe before you even
think of touching any of these spots! Once you’re at that level, the pattern is
second to being aware of how you’ll close the deal!

Okay, now I’ll share some of my actual anchoring secrets with you!

Wrist Anchor- Tap your index finger on her wrist (either one) three times, then
keep your index finger on her wrist for two to three seconds, then pull away.

Finger Anchor- Hold whatever finger has a ring on it, apply light pressure with
your thumb so that her skin moves with your thumb as you make several small
circles around the finger knuckle closest to the ring.

Ear Anchor- Grip her earlobe (the bottom of the ear) with your thumb and index
finger, pinch it lightly for one second, then rub your index finger up and down
the back of her earlobe four or five times. (Be advised that I use this anchor
Just after she and I first kiss)

Table Setting Anchors: Her Drinking Glass • Run your index finger slooowly up
one side other glass, then slooowly back down. Then do the same on the other
side, and end it by tapping your index finger once on the top of the glass that
faces you

Her Silverware – Run your index finger down the “stem” of one piece of her
silverware in her direction. Do this only on ONE piece of silverware for each
emotion. (For example, use the fork for “fascination” the spoon for “sensual”
and the knife for “curiosity”)

The table setting anchors are for when you meet for coffee at a diner, or some
other coffee shop that also serves food. The great thing about these anchors, is
that when she takes you to dinner later, it can be at ANY restaurant and the
anchors will still work!

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