3 Killer Speed Seduction Tips

3 Speed Seduction Tips

by Ross Jeffries

Believe it or not, your old pal Ross actually has his?critics. People who don’t like me..People who think I?shouldn’t be teaching you what I’m teaching. One of the?things I hear most often from these morons is something?along the likes of, “C’mon now, Ross. What you’re talking?about couldn’t possibly work. In fact, it sounds like?magic.”

Now, I don’t really care what these pinheads think. But?I am concerned that YOU, dear reader, understand what Speed?Seduction is all about. And it certainly ISN’T magic.

Now, don’t get me wrong. If you’re like some of my?clients when they are first starting out, without having?been intimate with a woman for years and then suddenly you?are enjoying 2, 3 even 4 hot women at a time, , it might?seem like magic.

In fact, Speed Seduction ?is mechanics.

That means it requires a certain sequence, set of?circumstances and applications in order for it to work.?Within that framework, it’s massively powerful, but that?framework still has to be there.

Just like a super-charged, perfectly tuned, 450?horsepower, V-8 engine won’t run without the oxygen to burn?the fuel, Speed Seduction only works when there are certain?necessary conditions.

Thankfully those conditions have nothing whatsoever to?do with your looks, age, money, social status or other?”externals” outside of your control. In this issue, I’m?going to review what those conditions are, and how you can?use all this to massively increase the quantity and quality?of your babe hunting.

Condition One:You’ve Got To Be In The Right Frame Of?Mind

As I’ve said time and again, the patterns I teach are?NOT just another high tech way to beg you into some girl’s?pants. If you view them like this, then, even if you?deliver them flawlessly from a technical standpoint, you?are still going to get nowhere because your weak-ass,?piss-ant, puss-wimp attitude will…….

… …Totally Annihilate The Emotional States You Are?Attempting To Create In Your Subject!

How does this self-defeating process take place?


As I have said time and again, in any area of life, if?you are coming from a place of hunger, or need, or?desperately trying to prove to yourself that you can win?again, then you almost certainly guaranteed to fail. You’ll?simply push away the very thing you want and get locked?into a self-perpetuating “defeat-cycle” that gets you?nowhere.

If you want to be hilariously successful with Speed?Seduction, then you must realize that the patterns aren’t?about begging. They certainly aren’t about tricking or?misleading.

No, sir, the patterns are about being able to create?such incredible states of pleasure and fun and highs for?her that no one else can, such that she really WANTS to?give you her sexual goodies. They’re about creating states?for her that no one else can.

Viewed like this, that incredible babe you want to bed?isn’t someone you need to fear. She’s someone who’s about?to receive an incredible gift from you, a gift she might?continue to receive IF she’s smart enough and hot enough?and sexy enough to give you what it takes to keep YOU?coming back for more.

Just imagine the difference when you can look at a?honey-pie and honestly think to yourself, “How good can?this woman stand to feel? Let’s go have fun and find out!”.

Speaking of fun, another big part of being in the right?frame of mind to make SS work is refusing to take it?seriously.

By that, I mean you take the attitude that you are?experimenting, having fun, and if what you do doesn’t work,?you’ve simply polished your skills and learned something?new.

Let me illustrate this by telling you about one of my?favorite students, David W. David is, to put it charitably,?unattractive. He’s 6 foot, 270 pounds, dresses like slob on?his best days, and on a scale of one to 10, 10 being a?Greek god, he’s a 3.

David also happens to be sleeping with four gorgeous?women, all of whom are either aerobics instructors or?tri-athletes.

What made this success possible? Well to quote him, “I?thought to myself, hey, since this isn’t going to work, I might as well pick the best looking women in the gym for it to fail on and see what happens”.

Because he didn’t need to make it work, and took a relaxed, experimental attitude, he got out of his own way and is now the envy of his friends, who still don’t believe him when he told them about my stuff. (

Condition Two: Sufficient Time To Speak With Your

Subject To Run A Minimum Of Two (Preferably Three) Patterns On Her.

As I’m fond of saying, a lone pattern, by itself, is like a lone piranha; nasty, but hardly deadly. To be effective, patterns have to be run in sequences, and I strongly prefer to stick in a minimum of three.

Can you do patterns strung out over a period of time if you really don’t have much of a chance to talk to a woman? Sure…but your effectiveness goes WAY down.

Look at it like this; in a boxing match you could land one solid punch per round, for fifteen rounds, but it’s much more effective to slam the guy with the fifteen punches one after another.

Condition Three: Enough Flexibility To Get The Initial Entryway Into Her Neurology

When you start running patterns on a woman, the point is to find that initial entry into her neurology that lights her up and gets a strong response.

Sometimes this requires you to cycle through a few approaches. As an example, I was having dinner with a friend who I hadn’t seen in some time, and I was explaining to him how SS works. Rather than continue to try to explain, I decided to demonstrate on our tasty little waitress. I started out by telling her that I had an intuition about her, that she was a very visual person.

What was her response? Just about zero. She showed NO interest and no response. Obviously, appealing to her visual imagination was not the doorway into her mind.

I then moved to another favorite ploy and allowed her to “overhear” my staged conversation with my friend, wherein I talked to him about how women select men for different roles, but no man can give everything a woman needs. (This will often get them talking if they have a boyfriend and aren’t happy with him, which is pretty damn often).

Again, zero response. Zip. Nada. By this time, my old friend was looking more and more skeptical. Did old Ross give up…just pack it in and quit? Not on your life, Cedric.

Next time she came by the table I mentioned the fact that I had just been reading an article about how men and women connect with each other. (I was trying to get in here using the emotional doorway). No luck with this approach either; perhaps she just didn’t know how to read and was embarrassed by the fact.

How I Changed My Strategy To Get Into Her Mind

So by this time, I figured it was time to switch strategies. Leaning back in my chair, I looked at her across the restaurant, turned on my intuition and asked myself, “What can I notice about her that has to be true that I can use to make a connection?”

What I noticed in this poor, overworked food-server’s case is that she looked tired as hell. So next time she came by the table I said, “You know, you sure look like you could use a vacation. If you could imagine your ideal vacation spot, what would it be like?”

Well, mercy’s sake, wouldn’t you know that at that point she dropped straight into trance and begin to imagine her day on the perfect beach, soaking up the sun, feeling the warm water and the cool breeze? Of course, from there, I went straight into the bl*w job pattern, talking about how interesting it was to me how people connect with their fantasies and desires and day dreams and about how I was just reading an article about the difference between compulsions and anticipation… Did she respond strongly to this?

Only with a super-doggie dinner bowl look that my Dalmatians couldn’t have produced during a hunger strike! (My Dalmatians would NEVER have gone on a hunger strike!)

Now what is the point of this story? Just that I wouldn’t have been able to do this if I didn’t have the ability/flexibility to keep right on going when the first three approaches I tried fell flatter than a pre-pubescent girl’s chest.

So look; if you’re having some trouble with your Speed Seduction skills, chances are it’s due to a problem with one of these vital conditions. Pull yourself up short, take a breather and re-assess what you’ve been doing. If you’ve been putting yourself in situations that are stacked against you, (e.g., the girl’s always too busy to talk, or your attitude is just plain off) re-arrange things so the odds are more in your favor. You’ll find SS still yields results for you light-years beyond anything else out there.

After all, David W. has only been able to figure out how to make it work for him in the gym. He still can’t pick up a girl on the street to save his life. But with four firm, young, perfect-bodied athletic women to console him I don’t feel too sorry for him. Go thou and do likewise.

Til next time,

Piece and Peace,


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