Build Social Value With Routines

Here is another great article by Derek Vitalio. The article below contains some openers and routines designed to imediately increase your social status to the girl.

Build Social Value Fast by Derek Vitalio

Before you get to the Bond and Connection phase with a girl, you first need to build social value for yourself. Without enough social value, she wont reciprocate the connection and think youre just another nice guy trying to get into her pants.

A great way to build that social value is through planned stories and routines.

Planned stories and routines free up your mind to focus on other things.

Like a computer, your brain only has so many clock cycles spare.

Imagine youre on your way to a bar or club and you’re getting yourself into a good state for approaching women.

Now, imagine that youre driving along the highway at the same time on the way there “ a bit distracting.

Now imagine your friend is in the passengers seat asking you about math problems.

Theres only so much that your brain can multitask at one time.

And when youre talking to women, theres a LOT for your brain to do.

So you dont want to bog yourself down in the middle of an interaction with the complex task of coming up with witty conversation pieces on the fly – especially when they can be prepared for ahead of time.

First, Ill give you a few example routines, and then Ill show you how to use them.

My ex-girlfriend is stalking me

You: I need your opinion I think my ex-girlfriend is stalking me. She kept trying to win me back by impressing me, but she just doesnt have that adventurousness I look for in a girl.

You: Well, I was walking down the street and I just see her there, standing across the street looking at me. Yeah, its kind of weird.

You: I think she’s trying too hard to impress me. She used to be kind of fat, but now shes lost weight and has gotten breast implants she kind of looks like that girl from the Bachelorette have you seen it?

You: But I dont want to get back with a girl just because she looks good. Let me ask you, which of your guys is most adventurous?

How does everyone knows each other

You: Hmm, let me see, I bet I can guess how you all know each other. Yes, Im getting a vibe. Let me see, you two look like sisters. No? Let me guess, you must be best friends then.

Girls: Yeah we are!

You: See, wow Ive got psychic powers. Watch this, I can tell even more about yourselves. Give me your palm (do palm reading)

Men’s earrings

You: Guys, I need your opinion on something does jewelry look good on guys. My friend wears earrings on both ears and women tell him all the time it looks really sexy.

You: What do you think, should I wear earrings I was thinking it might look gay, but then again I noticed girls are all over guys who wear them.

Start a band

You: Hey girls, Im going to start a band. Can either of you sing?
Girls: Yeah
You: Cool, youll be the back up singer
Girl: I play guitar
You: Awesome youll play guitar. Wait a sec what are your names?
Girl: Tara
Girl: Buffy
You: Tara and Buffy?? Nah, what are you kidding me, those names wont work a band. Hmm youll be Beyonce and youll be Brittany. Awesome! (high-five them)
Girls: hahaha
You: Hold on, being in a band isnt all fun and games though. Which one of you is going to be doing my laundry?
Girls: No way!
You: Well then, Im firing you guys. But you can still be my groupies.

What to buy for my little sister

You: Hey girls, I have a problem.
Girls: What
You: My little sisters birthday is coming up. What should I buy her I was t hinking of a stuffed elephant because she has a collection of them, but I think she s too  old for that now. What do you think? What did you guys play with when you were little.

Masturbate in the shower

You: Did you know that 90% of girls masturbate in the shower?
Girl: No
You: The other 10% sing
Girl : Oh yeah?
You: And do you know what they sing?
Girl : No, what?
You: Oh you must be one of the girls that masturbates then.
Girl: hahaha

As you can see, routines can be rapid-fire simple and short. However, all the above routines differ in character. The Men’s Earringsroutine gets women talking. Start a band brings girls into a playful roleplaying fantasy where they can step into characters. And Masturbate in the shower is simply a funny joke to get laughs.

State Accelerators

You can also throw state accelerators into nearly any routine to give it an extra kick. State Accelerators are universal feel-good moves that accelerate the girls positive state.

For example, giving a girl a high-five unversally makes women feel good and can be incorporated into most routines.

If a girl tells you, “I think earrings look sexy on a guy,” just say Awesome! See you’re cool. High-five! and hold up your palm. High-five her. This accelerates the power of the routine.

Keep Going and Keep up the Pace

Once you tell a routine, dont wait for the girl’s permission to go on to the next one. Even if the girl only half-heartingly responded to the first routine, just launch into the next one. And the next. Most likely youll hit on one that grabs her attention.

Sometimes, youll find that girls go on and on talking about their opinions – even until it gets BORING. You may suddenly find that you’ve lost control over the conversation.

If the girls go talking on too long, don’t be afraid to just interrupt them and launch into the next routine. While keeping relaxed yourself, keep the conversational pace relatively brisk.

Transitioning and Delivery

If youre just starting out, have three routines memorized and ready to go. Decide what order you’ll stack them.

For example, you might open a group of girls with the Men’s Earrings opinion routine, then ask how everyone knows each other, and then talk about your stalking ex-girlfriend. The transitioning is rather simple – just leave the old topic and launch right into the new.

You: Guys, I need your opinion on something do earrings look good on guys
Girls: blah, blah, blah
You: Really? Awesome. Hey, you know you guys look like sisters
Girls: blah, blah, blah
You: Wow, I thought  you were sisters for sure. Actually, Ive got this problem I think my ex-girlfriend is stalking me

Having three routines     ready to go frees up your brain to focus on your delivery and nonverbal sexual cues.

That means telling the routines with a smile on your face and with some relaxed enthusiasm. (Check out Nonverbal Sexual Cuing for some more tips on how to hold yourself.)

Now most of the guys who I know who date beautiful women arent rich, famous, or extremely good looking.

Theyre just normal guys who happen to have the inside knowledge of these seduction methods “ and all the dozens and dozens of techniques found in The Seduction Science System, 2nd Edition.

Combine them together you can become an unstoppable, one man seduction machine. And I guarantee that youll look at the world and women around you VERY differently “ a world not in which you have to rely on luck, but a world in which YOU hold the power and control.

So learn three routines and go out this week and get into some conversations with women. After that, use Seduction Science to analyze what and where you could improve.

Best of luck,

Derek Vitalio


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