How To Be The King of Your College

How to become the king of your college by Badboy

This is something thats been tested and proved as pure GOLD. This works only if you are going to a new college, where the majority of people dont already know one another. Theres no need to have some crazy PU or social skills to do this, everybody can do it, and its so simple. Its a natural human process that you can use to improve your social life.

When young people come to college, most of them dont know each other, so sooner or later they will need to make friends, or join an already established group. Usually it takes a few weeks till those friendship circles are formed. So after a few weeks, you will see many circles with 5 to 10 members in each group.

Once they are formed, some of them will last until the very end of college days, until graduation. Its hard to manipulate already established groups. The only thing you can do in that case is to join the group, but then you cannot establish yourself as the leader, as you are a new member. The easiest way to join an already established group is to pick one person from group, and create rapport with them. She or he will invite you to go and hang out with the rest of the group. Then slowly you can create rapport with all the other members, and that way you will become an intrinsic part of that circle of friends.

But I must say that this is not the way I like to do it. My style is more creating a group and controlling it, and thats what I want to teach you.

The first 7-10 days are particularly crucial. In those first few days, social circles will be created. The goal is
to create a social circle of 6-7 hot girls, make them friends, and establish yourself as a leader of the group. Going to clubs with them: can you just imagine the respect and admiration you could have, going to a club with 10 hot girls? Basically, with this kind of social proof, you can have any girl in the club. Or inviting your new hot friends to your home party. Then let them invite a few of their other friends also. Soon you will find yourself living your life surrounded with hot girls. Thats the lifestyle I am talking about.

So let me teach you how to do it.

During the first and second day of college, people will be extremely friendly, because they will be nervous, scared, and anxious of the new environment, the new context in their life. Some of them will look lost, like sheep that have wandered from the flock. They will feel lonely, and will have an incredible urge to meet new people and make friends in order to remove the unpleasant feeling of isolation and aloneness. You can use this knowledge to make a difference in your own life.

Hot TubDont be shy; be friendly towards them, there is no pressure to seduce them, or anything like that. You can go straight for rapport without concerning yourself with attraction. Its just about being friendly, cool and normal, and getting to know people that you will spend the next few years with. Dont be weird, and dont talk about your obsessive computer gaming habit and addiction to internet porn.

Naturally during these first few days there will be many events, introductory sessions, initial lectures, and so on. Information is normally advertised clearly in the college so you should get there early and make sure you know whats going on. When you go to one of these events, make sure you try to sit next to some hot chick that you would like to befriend. Start a conversation, exchange some basic facts about yourselves. Where you’re from, your hobbies, your family; get them into some kind of conversation. Exchange numbers, hang-out with her after the class or lecture, go for a coffee or drink. Just be friendly, and try to make new friends. Dont try to PU them! Not yet, anyway. You can get them in class, in hallway, inside dorms. Whatever.

Next day, or at the next class, do the same thing with a new hot girl, sit down next to her in the class, or talk for 20-30 minutes, build rapport, hang out with her afterwards, but this time invite the girl from before to join you. Or more of them if possible.

You will see as soon as you sit down with two girls that they will start to connect. They are extremely good at bonding, and creating rapport with each other. Especially hot girls. Because they have so many thing in common. So all you need to do is isolate 2 or more girls somewhere for a coffee, or a drink, and then let them connect by themselves.

Dont hit on them, or try to seduce them during the first few weeks. The social proof you create for yourself
by hanging out with these girls will get you tonnes of other girls. This is all about creating a lifestyle at university or college, a lifestyle that will bring you chicks by itself. But if you decide you want to take advantage of their loneliness in the new situation, then by all means find one and seduce her. But dont bring her into your group.

You see, bringing a girl youve slept with into your social circle can be dangerous. You can easily destroy the group, or the girl you sleep with can spread pernicious rumours about you, and destroy your reputation in the group. So its better to keep the two activities separate.

So over the course of 5-7 days, you can collect 6-10 girls into a social circle. Gather them together at regular intervals. Once they get together, and get to know each other (which should take one or two meetings) they will become good friends.

They will exchange phone numbers, emails, and keep in contact. You will see how they will later plan to study together, to exchange books, scripts and essays for college.

After 10 days, and after youve created this social circle, try to get them together from time to time, like go out together partying the more things you do with them, or they do together, the better friends they will become. So try to create some events that will bond them together even more.

Naturally the more experiences the group has together, the more things they will have to talk about tomorrow, and the more reason they will have to hang-out tomorrow. In this way it becomes self-perpetuating.

After you’ve formed your group of a few hot girls, a few weeks later you can start taking advantage of it. Start organizing home parties, and let your new hot friends, invite their girlfriends to the party. Because everyone likes you, and because you are their LEADER, chicks that come from outside the group will have considerable ATTRACTION for you.

You can also take them to clubs. Hug all of them, and go out. Have fun with them. Other chicks in the club will notice this, and trust me; they will start hitting on you. Chicks always want to have what other girls have. You can easily get to the point where you dont need to pick up chicks at all, instead, they will be around you, and you just need to choose which one you want. Maybe this all looks a bit complicated at the moment, but its much easier to set up than you might imagine.
Its hard to organize a group consisting solely of girls. Sometimes it happens, but mostly, you will have 1 or 2 guys inside. And thats just fine. Its ok to have a few of those guys inside your group. Usually, when we go out, those are the guys who are buying drinks for our girls…Also they protect the girls from other drunken guys inside club that may hit on them. So basically, they can be made use of.

Whenever you put a bigger group of people into one place, they will never work as a group; instead, they will separate into smaller groups of 3 to 5 people. You can see this demonstrated on the reality show Big Brother. And after the initial group forms, an alpha will come forward, the person who is going to be the head of the group. Usually this is the most dominant person, he makes all the decisions, and the rest blindly follow.

So if you organize everything, if you make decisions for the group, you think for them. They will see you as the Alpha male, and they will naturally follow you.

Later on, you can leave that social circle alone. Usually from the circle a new person comes forward that will becomes its leader, and decides everything for the group.

For further reading on becoming the man on college campus I highly recommend reading Mark Redman’s Conquer Your Campus. The book covers everything.

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