Bobby Is a Stallion in Bed. Are You?

Yes, its true. Damn True!

Awhile back I wrote a blog titled Vitamin V in which I talked about going back to the fundamentals to really kick ass with women. By the fundamentals I mean fucking their brains out. You see over the years I found that one of the reasons that I’ve been able to manage multiple girls, keeping them all at bay, is because quite frankly, they loved fucking me. Long after they realized they weren’t going to get what they wanted emotionally from me, they kept coming back for what they wanted pysically. And they say men are the dogs!

Yes I’m not too modest to admit that I am the man in bed. I’ve had enough girls tell me, and even more so show me by their willingness to fuck me, although they knew they clearly shouldn’t… So maybe I have an inflated sense of confidence in this area. So what? It only makes me better because I have no problem taking control. I lead the encounter. I make things work.

My point is: All the games, demonstrations of higher value, cocky.funny, NLP patterns, canned openers, routines… all this don’t mean jack crap if you can’t perform in the bedroom.

I got good from years of practice. Every fat girl I fucked over the years, “All just practice for the big game.” And when that big games comes, you don’t want to screw it up.

So old Bobby is going to lead you in the right direction if you’re not already a champ in bed. I’m not going to write a “how to be good in bed” blog because there is already more than enough of them out there. I’m going to give a list of ways you educate, practice, and master the art of being a legendary lover.

1. Read the Better Love posts on here. There are quite a few free articles that give really good descriptions of the whole process from kissing to penetration.

2. If you don’t think the free articles are enough, I heard that Derek Vitalio’s book Legendary Lover gives some real valuable and insightful tips. I haven’t read this one, but I’ve read Derek’s other books and can say everything he puts out his generally really good.

3. Go out and practice. If you’re unconfident of your ability, practice on fat girls. Who cares? The point is to build up your confidence and increase your stamina and ability. If you don’t know where to meet girls that just want to fuck, I suggest you check out Adult Friend Finder. From what I here it is quite easy to meet girls for random sex.

4. If you can’t practice on real girls, then drop your foolish pride and go and purchase a pocket pussy or replica. Jerking off with your hand won’t cut it. If you want to really build stamina you need to get in position and practice. You can find a shit load of replicas and other useful stuff here.

5. Ask girls after you’ve slept with them what they thought of it. You’ll pretty much know if they came to climax by the way they act when your done… but if you’re on a good level with them ask them specific questions about what they would have liked more. Most girls will be happy to tell you!

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