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Negs Negs and More Negs

How to Neg Girls the Right Way

I went through some old archives and tried to put together a list of some new negs. I’m sick of hearing all the Neil Strauss and Mystery Negs. If you don’t know what Negs are or what there purpose is, read this post on Neg theory.

Examples of Good Negs

I’ve been searching the net for negs… here are somysery.jpgme that I’ve found.

1. “I bet you looked pretty with long hair, you’ve got the right face
for it.”

(If she has short hair, then the odds are at some point she had long
hair, and once you they go short there’s not much they can do about it
for a long time.)

2. “Were you fat as a kid? (or gawky, shy etc whatever seems likely, a nerd in high school).”

She’ll wonder what it was about her that gave you that impression.

3. “Wow, you look exactly like this other girl at school, Mandy. Like
you even have the same style.”

HBs don’t want to think of themselves as being common, or normal.

4. “You’re tired, aren’t you?”

Will wonder what makes them look tired, and therefore bad. But allows you to do it as a show of compassion or whatever.

5. “Have you thought about joining an acting agency? They’re always looking for extras and people for crowd shots. It’s not a whole lot of money, but at least you’re part of the acting business.”

Raises them with a compliment and then cuts them down again, by showing them you think they aren’t special.

6. “Are you the girl from that Tampon ad?”

Or any embarrassing thing that you can associate them with (metamucil, hemarroids). They will be concerned others will think the same thing.

7. Do you need to pee? obvious, maybe if they’re figettting.

8. Do you want some eyedrops? obvious, eyes aren’t shiny and pretty to you.

9. What’s that smell?

10. Hey shouty, not so loud (a bit much? to much like an insult?)

11. “My friend’s got that dress” or whatever, to show them she’s not so special.

12. “You’ve got something in your ear” (whisper this sincerely and discretely. dont try to pick ‘it’ out.)

Any of you have any new original Negs feel free to post them as comments down below!

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