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Random Fun Techniques

Here are some randoms helpful techniques Sebastian from Master the Vibe emailed out for the New Year. Some good stuff!

Random Fun Games to Play with Girls by Sebastian Drake 

How To Be the Club Make-Out Guy:

Do cheek kisses with every girl you meet – “mwah, mwah” on each
side. Normally this means touching cheeks with her twice. If she
actually puts her lips on your cheek, she’s ready to kiss you 90%
of the time. On the second kiss, get part of her lips with yours.
“Uh oh, our lips just touched! Yours are… soft…” while looking
into her eyes.

Want to make out with a ton of girls 10 seconds after meeting them?
Open, introduce, cheek kiss, and leave if she doesn’t plant ’em on
you – once one girl goes lips-on-cheek, play on playboy.

Not Spoken Here:

She doesn’t speak the language? Get her to translate. Being
interested in her culture and making her teach you is good for
value, attainability, and compliance. For bonus points, get her to
write it down for you. For even more bonus points, get her to write
down things that would work as openers for other girls from her
country. C’est un beau manteau.

Condom Time? Yuuuckkk...:

Time to get the condom out? Certainly can be awkward. So when she
asks, “Do you have a condom?” – here’s my favorite reply. “Oh… I
didn’t really think I’d be meeting anyone new tonight sweetie.”
Makes you look like you’re not a player, and oftentimes, SHE has
condoms and didn’t want to look like a slut. C’mon, get ’em out.
What, you don’t have any? Oh, look, I actually do have one… it’s
your lucky day…

Save Her Life:

If you’re waiting at an intersection with her and a car speeds by
quickly, place your arm in front of her hastily, shielding her from
oncoming traffic and pushing her back slightly. Done correctly, it
100% simulates being rescued from a dangerous situation. +V+A and
gets adrenalin running.

Get Cool Socks:

The #1 place to accessorize is what we call the “functional
accessories” – these give you an opportunity to wear interesting
and unique pieces without making it look like you’re out of her
league or trying too hard. Socks are one of my personal favorites
to accessorize on – of course ditch the white tube socks, but
ideally go even more interesting than black or brown. Go for a cool
argyle pattern, get a pair of Hello Kitty socks, or look for baby
blue, a mix of green and orange, or any other pseudo-outrageous
socks. Girls notice.


She’s staying in a hotel? Do this:

“Where you staying… uh huh, okay… oh, what floor? Seventh? Huh.
What room? 337? Cool, maybe I’ll stop by later.”

You know address closing – if she’s at a hotel – also means you’ve
got her number? Call the hotel, ask to be patched to her room.
Note: This technique only works on occasions when you could’ve
gotten a solid, non-flaking number where the girl was attracted.

Can Your Phone Mass-Text?:

If not, get one. Newer cell phones can send out the same text
message to 10 or more people at once. Send out text messages about
what’s going on in your life to all the girls you’re actively
seeing every 3-4 days. Just resist the urge to say, “I haven’t
heard from you in forever!” when she calls – she’ll feel like she’s
connected to you and part of your life when you do this, even if
you’re not talking.

Club Closing? What a Ridiculously Fun Night:

Club is closing. You didn’t get any. You’d like to try to call up a
new girl, but know that showing on her caller ID at 4 AM can be
social seppuku.

Text this. “what a ridiculously fun night”

To all the girls in the local area. Whoever responds is down for it
– right then – almost always.

As usual – techniques are like a good spice. They’re not the whole
course, but they can be fun to be played with. Best in ’07 my man!


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