How Context Determines If You’ll Suceed With a Woman

As well as learning the art of seduction I am also an avid reader of all things that will better my life financially, emotionally, romantically, and spiritually. This article by Sebastian Master the Vibe is all about women but once you get the concept down you can apply it to any area of your life.

Set the right context with women by Sebastian Drake

Context is one of the most crucial elements that determines how your
interactions go when you approach a woman. People have “knee-jerk”
reactions all the time, where they act automatically to something
they’ve seen before.

We can use this to our advantage. Basically, you want women you
approach to associate with you a kind of guy they’re used to talking
to, having a nice time with, and getting to know more.

Here’s some tips on that score:

1) First, your “Nonverbal Image” is crucial. It’s what determines
if a woman will talk to you or like you before you even open your
mouth. Style of dress plays a significant factor in this, but the
biggest factor – your bodylanguage – is under your own control.

Remember this: Back and broad, out, in, up, breathe.

That stands for:

Shoulders back and broad
Chest out
Stomach in
Chin up ABOVE parallel to the ground (so your nose is in the air)
And take a deep breath to relax after setting your bodylanguage

Back and broad, out, in, up, breathe. Then smile – with teeth.

2) Fluidity in Motion: Slow every movement you make down. You want
to move in almost “slow motion” to people around you. In a world
where everyone’s hurrying, the person moving smoothly and slowly
gets noticed as calm and in control of himself.

3) Eye Contact: I heard an excellent tip from a former student.
“Right eye to right eye” – look from your right eye to their right
eye. It’s just the right amount of eye contact when first meeting

Yesterday, I sent out a message with a link to an article in the
Washington Post called “Pearls Before Breakfast”. It’s about how one
of the finest violinists in classical music put on street clothes
and played in a Washington, D.C. subway station during the busy
morning rush – and only two people out of a thousand stopped.

The article took a tone that looked down on our modern society and
culture. While it’s definitely true that we’re far too busy to enjoy
some of the simpler joys of life, what it really speaks to is that
people make split-second decisions about everyone they meet.

In this case, *no one* is expecting an elite violinist to be wearing
a baseball cap and playing at a commuter station in Washington, D.C.
So people don’t ever give the violinist a chance.

Same with you – you want to emanate “cool, successful guy I want to
get to know” before you even start talking.

There’s a couple other lessons to learn from this too.

*Not everyone you meet is going to like you: And that is absolutely
no reflection on you at all. Some percent of women you approach are
going to be lost in their own thoughts, having a bad day, or
something along those lines. Don’t sweat it – realize that there’s
4 billion women in the world, and you only need a handful that you
get along with to have a very fulfilling romantic and social life.

One of the biggest sticking points young guys coming into the social
arts have is that they want everyone they meet to like them. They
have goals like, “I want to be able to take any woman I see,
whenever I want.” That’s a fine lofty aspiration, but lots of times,
guys get let down when even one woman doesn’t get along well with

Don’t let it phase you! One of the best violinists of our era just
has over a thousand people walk past him playing without stopping
for a moment. It happens – but two people recognized his music. One
knew him, and the other recognized it was really good music. That’s
all you need for a successful romantic life. For perspective,
consider this: I taught a bootcamp last weekend in Boston. I talked
to probably 40-70 women across the three days. I got one number from
a club dancer – just one number all weekend. She and I spent the
night together a few days later. After the program on Sunday, I met
a cute girl from out of town shopping. I showed her around some, and
she came back and spent the night with me. That’s two new, beautiful
girls in five days, but only a 2/70 close rate. 1/35 – 1/35 will
be an absolutely magical social life but that’s still 34/35 you’re
not getting with. Don’t sweat it – keep getting out there!

And if you didn’t read “Pearls Before Breakfast”, you can check it
out in the Washington Post here:

It’s worth the read. Happy Easter to those that celebrate it, and
best wishes.


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