10 Second Tip: “Don’t Say No, Say Maybe”

I love this 10 second tips from Sebastian of Master the Vibe. I may start a daily post called the 10 second tip.

Make her say maybe by Sebastian Drake

Precedence is of the utmost importance. Once someone says they like or don’t like something, it establishes that preference semi-permanently and it’s hard to make people change. People don’t want to seem silly, whimsical, or inconsistent – and many people are just downright stubborn.

So, if you’ve got a girlfriend that you want to do high level stuff with, like say, share another girl with her, you don’t want her to say “no! never!” the first time you bring it up – This is a mistake

. Worse still, the natural inclination for many men is to argue, making her affirm, “no! never!” repeatedly – and crippling the chances of opening a new, open-minded facet of your relationship.

Want a great technique to turn it around?

When she starts to say, “no! never!” to say, being with another girl, you say, “Don’t say no, say maybe.” She might protest again. Stay strong and calm. “Don’t say no, say maybe.” And if necessary, “Hey – just say maybe, ok?” Persist until you get that “maybe” – and the door swings WIDE open. Just even considering the possibility of being with another girl is HUGE here.

Once she says “maybe”, reward her with a light touch, or little bit of affection, and cut the thread and chat about something else.


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