What Windows of Opportunity Look Like, and How to Capitalize

As I always I enjoy this latest newsletter from Sebastian Master the Vibe. One of the things I used to always fuck up with was taking advantage of the windows of opportunity that women gave me. And the sad truth is that once the window closes you very rarely get it back.

Don’t Blow Opportunities with Women by Sebastian Drake

One of the very most crucial things that you ought to master is the
ability to recognize and hit hard in a window of opportunity. You’ll
never, ever wind up in the friend zone as long as you do two things:

Get compliance (make her work to meet your standards and please you),
and always take windows of opportunity.

A window of opportunity is any time she encourages you to escalate:

If you miss a window of opportunity, it’s bad for value and it’s bad
for attainability: It makes the girl question if you’re a guy of high
status. And if you are of high status, then she figures she doesn’t
stand a chance. So, you must hit windows of opportunity hard.

Here’s some common verbal ones, and good default answers to them:

In bars and nightclubs:

“This place is lame.”
Response: “Totally. Let’s get out of here.”

“I’m hungry.”
-> “Me too, I know this great Thai place nearby. You like Thai?”

“I love this song!”
-> “C’mon, let’s go dance” (if you like to dance)

At closing time:

“I still want to drink…”
-> “Yeah, I know a good spot nearby.” (go to your place)

“I still want to dance.”
-> “Really? Cool, I know a good spot.” (go to a club nearby you like,
a party, or your place)

“I’m not tired…”
-> “Me neither… I’m hitting up an afterparty, come along.” (go to
your place)

“I’ve got [food, drink, tea, coffee, whatever] at my place.”
-> “Yeah? Let’s stop by there in a while.”

First meeting, daytime or nightime:

“I know this really cool [place].”
-> “Sounds neat – you should totally take me.” (if she says yes, set
a time right then, and get her number)

“I cook a really good veal parmesean.”
-> “Oh that sounds delicious, I’m dying for a homecooked meal. Make
it for me… next, hmm… Tuesday night, six o’clockish?” (if she
says yes, get her number. if she says no to the time, say “another
time, then” and get her number)

“I’m about to head to a party after this…”
-> “Hmm… yeah, that sounds okay. Alright, sure, I’ll go” (say it
like you’re seriously weighing out the option after being invited –
if she blinks heavily at that, just smile a joking smile and laugh)

In response to you mentioning…

A new CD, DVD, book of art, or something else you just got:
“Oh, that sounds really cool!”
-> “Yeah, it is. I’ll show you [right now/sometime]” (and take her
with you right then, or get her number as appropriate)
There’s also many nonverbal windows of opportunity, including things
like cuddling up to you, getting closer to you, etc. If you miss one
of these, it’s very important that you DO NOT immediately try to
compensate by going for it. If you miss a spot to physically escalate,
wait and go for it in a bit.
Here’s some of the more subtle yet more potentially powerful windows
of opportunity to take:

At or near your place:

“It’s such a long drive home…”
-> “Yeah… well… I guess you can stay the night, but I’ve got to
be up really early in the morning.”

“The weather is so bad…”
-> “Shit… Yeah, I guess you’re right. Hmm.. well, I guess you can
stay the night, but I’ve got to be up really early in the morning.”

“Oh, I’ve had a lot to drink.”
-> “Whoa. No way you’re driving then. I’ll either call you a cab and
you can come back for your car in the morning, or you can crash and
head out in the morning.” (if she protests, say, “no! you’re not
driving, period.”)

“Do you have roommates?”
-> (answer honestly, but realize it’s a window of opportunity, so
invite her back either way)

At or near her place:

“You’ve had a lot to drink, huh?”
-> “Damn… I guess so. Yeah, ok, got a couch to put me up for the
night? Wait, and an alarm? I need to get up early.”

“You look tired.”
-> “Yeah, I am. Can I crash here for like an hour or so before I’ve
got to head back? I can’t stay too long though…”
Any time she asks about where you live, mentions where she lives,
says anything that refers to logistics including cabs, cars, or
distances, says anything that limits mobility or driving ability
including drinking, tiredness, weather, or distance, any time she
mentions that one of you has something that she likes or thinks is
interesting –

These are windows of opportunity. Girls simply won’t say them to guys
that they don’t like on some level. Always try to escalate them;
usually it will work. Have fun, keep playin’,

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