How To Have Undectable “Stealth” Confidence

A great great Ross Jeffries artice about self confidence. Although I’m not a huge fan of NLP based seduction, I really feel Ross knows what he’s talking about when it comes to building confidence. Cmon look at the guy… he must be doing something right.
Building Self Confidence by Ross Jeffries 

When you talk about two aspects of charisma:

1. Stepping into the unknown

2.Holding space for the other person to have whatever initial
response they are going to have

…is that simply just having surrender of the unknown and
vunerabilty of being open to receive?

So #1 would be surrender and #2 would be vunerability

And doesn’t this contradict being “powerful” and “confident”?


RJ here,

You are close, but here is what I mean:

1. Stepping into the unknown and being truly ok without having
to know ahead of time what is going to happen. You accept that
you don’t know, and maybe at first that you don’t like that you
don’t know, but you don’t dramatize it or spin around it.

You just don’t know. And you decide to move forward anyway.

2. By hold space I mean:

A. It’s ok for them to have their FIRST response. You don’t take
their FIRST response as being their final response.

B. You don’t REQUIRE their permission OR their support for your
new moves and your courageous action.

A lot of guys think that a woman OWES it to them to be polite
open because the guy is willing to take the “risk” to go up and
meet them/talk to them first.

Well, that attitude is bullshit. The woman hasn’t signed a
contract saying that she is REQUIRED to support you in your
efforts to improve your sex/love/social life.

You’re stepping forward because it is what YOU , as an adult,
have chosen to do and because you are determined(DETERMINED) to
bust through your limitations.

Now, can you be determined AND relaxed AND even have a sense of
humor about it?

Here Is The Real Key To All This

Let me clarify one more thing: just because you don’t REQUIRE
certainty or REQUIRE the other person to have a “good response”
and be supportive doesn’t mean you don’t take those things as
being good or something of value.

It’s just not what determines your stepping forward.

Some guys are waiting to be super-powerful and radiating charm
BEFORE they make a move.

Well, yes, you CAN rehearse in charm etc, for sure. That’s the
point of many of my products.

But for some guys, it’s a mistake because they are already too
much in their heads and, or THEM, the rehearsing just gets in
the way of taking action.

As for being “powerful” and “confident”, my whole point is there
are different flavors and types of “powerful” and “confident”.

Some are very “high-wattage” and have you taking control
of an entire room, as soon as you walk in.

But not every guy can do that.

And depending on the situation, some times it isn’t even
a smart idea to do that.

Sometimes it’s better to “fly under the radar” with the
kind of acceptance confidence I’m talking about here.

Hope that helps,

Peace and piece,


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