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Things Not to Do While Attempting a Bar Pick Up

Yes, we all know that the odds are not stacked in our favor when you enter a bar/club situation. I mean, once you learn a little, things get easier, but you always are playing against the wave, so to speak. What I mean by that is that most women in bar have their guards up. While they all want to be seduced, they are sick of the wrong guys trying to do the seducing.

Badboy lists somethings that you really should avoid doing if you want to make the encounter more productive. Its a simple list but you won’t believe how many guys make these mistakes when they’re walking around the bar. Just watch and listen next time. And remember, you only need to learn a little to be three or four steps ahead of the competition.

The “Dont’s of Seduction

While traveling all over the planet teaching guys how to get better with girls, I started to see some of most common mistakes guys make. Most guys are not even aware of these mistakes. After a while, it even becomes part of their normal pattern of behavior. There are many, but let’s go through a small sampling here.

1) Standing Around and Hoping Something Is Going To Happen

Trust me, nothing is going to happen if you just stand there except maybe you’ll drink too much, spend a lot of money and have a hangover the next day. Like most losers who never talk to girls.

Hope is not a method. You must be pro-active. You must be the one who does things. Girls expect you to make first move. So for starters, get your lazy ass off that barstool and approach them. Nothing truly bad can come of it.

) Walking Around With a Bottle In Your Hand

When I see this, it makes me puke. This is so AFC. It sucks on several levels.

First, you look like any other loser who is not good with girls and uses a bottle as a defensive mechanism to have something to do with his hands.

Second, if you want to approach girls and kino properly, you need both hands free.

Third, after holding cold drinks for a while your fingers become freezing. When you go to touch her, she will notice. It’s a very unpleasant feeling when someone touches you with cold hands. Some girls will even jolt when you touch them with icy hands.

A few weeks ago, I had a student I was teaching how to open girls at the bar.

Every set he tried to open, as soon as he put his hands on their shoulders, they rejected him. It took me some time to realize that his hands were freezing thanks to the cocktail he was carrying around.

3) Talking Too Fast

Guys get nervous, and they talk too fast. If you talk too fast, I found a very easy solution to fix this problem.
Just slow down to half your normal speed any physical movements you make. If you slow down your walking, you will slow down your talking, and vice versa. Remember, the brain has only one speed. Each element affects the other.

4) Turning Seduction Into An Interview

Asking way too many questions in first few minutes is lame. She gets the feeling she’s on a job interview, not out having fun. It’s a killer of seduction. Avoid this and be aware of it at all times. For guys who know me, they know how crazy I get if they ask three questions in row

Again, there’s an easy solution. After every question, tell a story, and then in the story implement a question (basically hidden) so she feels like she needs to tell a story without being interviewed.

These are just a few of the many things we cover on my workshops to get you to break your old habits, create effective new ones and make you a new man when it comes to women. Check out the schedule below to find out when we’re coming to your town next.


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