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How to Subtly Lead a Woman

I like reading about simple tactics that can be employed right away. I am always open to post new ways to improve your game. The art of seduction is a fine art that can constantly be revised, refined, and perfected.

I used to tell people that my favorite IOI a girl could give me was taking my hand to lead me through a crowd. Once a girl grabbed a hold of my hand I knew that I was in. So, I took that observation and reversed it. When I wanted to escalate to the next level with a girl I would take her hand and lead her somewhere. Then, the key moment, was when we got where we were headed I would hold her hand a bit longer then needed. For me this sealed the deal.

Holding a girl’s hand is not always recommended, especially early in an encounter… or if you don’t have enough IOIs. Below Sebastian of Master the Vibe gives a more subtle way to lead a woman.

 How to Lead a Woman by Sebastian Drake

What I’d like to see you getting into the habit of doing is
gesturing which direction you want people to go when you see them.
Not huge gestures, just a slight hand gesture. When someone comes
to see you in a restaurant, gesture to the open seat with the palm
of your hand. If you hold a door for someone, point with two fingers
into the door in a “g’head, you first” gesture.

This is a pattern you’ll see a lot of really socially skilled guys
doing because it make things flow more smoothly. Leaders often are
“directing traffic” so to speak, because people look to them for
where to go. The cool thing is – once you’re in the habit of moving
things forward, you can use this to bypass some programming.

See, if you say, “C’mon, let’s go, we’re leaving right now!” there
might be some resistance. People don’t like strong direct commands.
Now, I can’t tell you WHY people don’t like “getting orders”, but I
can tell you it seems to be human nature. So instead, you can fall
back on “onwards gesturing” – motioning for her to start walking
with you as you talk softly about where you’re going to go.

Usually, this will get the girl to start walking with you. Sometimes
you’ll get, “Oh, where are we going?” after a little bit of time. At
which point, you can answer using your favorite normal transition.

Mine’s, “Well, are you hungry?” If she says yes, I say, “Cool, we’re
getting food.” If she says no, I say, “That’s okay, you can watch me
eat” with a big smile 🙂

Enjoy, and keep playing,


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