Thinking and Feeling Like a High Status Male

Many of the problems I think that people have with the PUA community deals with the fact that they imagine PUAs out there manipulating women by spouting out rehearsed lines taught in a Mystery Method seminar. I think to an extent that is even a little true of one segment of the community. There will always be guys in the community who just don’t get IT.

IT. What is it? The guys don’t get the fact that the point of learning everything that you read here at the Seduction Bible and other websites, courses, ebooks, seminars… is not to get you laid. The point of this is get you to become the KIND OF GUY WHO GETS LAID. When you become that guy- you will get laid.

That guy doesn’t go around spouting out canned material or using opinion openers he read in the game. Yes, these things may get you laid on occasion, but they won’t make you the KIND OF GUY WHO GETS LAID.

Only you can make yourself that kind of guy. Sebastian of the Approach and Master the vibe seems to have a good understanding of how to become that guy.

Here is something that he wrote on maintaining your focus and thinking like a high status guy. High status guys are the KIND OF GUYS WHO GET LAID. Here the article…

Thinking Like a High Status Male by Sebastian Drake

Taking Hold of Your Thoughts:? It is impossible to consciously not think of something.? Tell a man to think of anything except a penguin playing basketball, and what thought comes to his head? Tell him, “Think anything in the world! Just do not think of a penguin dribbling, rebounding, running the floor, and shooting a basketball. Anything else!” And the man, of course, thinks of the penguin playing hoops.? Yet, many men adopt this flawed strategy with their thoughts. “Don’t be nervous! Don’t be nervous! Don’t be nervous!” It is a strategy doomed to failure.? Instead, we want to focus on the top three things you should be focusing on when socializing. These are derived from how the most socially successful men of all times think.? Your Primary Focus:? The first thing you should focus on when you enter any social venue should be to “Charge the Venue” – Charging the Venue is comprised of three things that almost every socially successful man does.? 1. Have Fun: The first and most necessary part of your psyche is your duty to yourself to have fun and enjoy yourself. It is exceedingly difficult even for a master of the craft to get decent results when in a bad mood.? 2. Socialize: Socially successful people meet people – all different kinds of people. Socialize with cool guys, uncool guys, beautiful women and plain women.? 3. Make Others Have Fun: Your objective leaving every interaction is for the other person to be better for having spent time with you. If people observe everyone you socialize with enjoying themselves more after you leave, more people will want to meet you.? Expansion:? 1. Having Fun: First and foremost, do what you enjoy. You can’t “suffer” your way towards getting women. If you like to drink, have a drink. If you like to dance, go dance some. Dress in a way that’s expressive of yourself, and don’t take anything too seriously.? Fun doesn’t come naturally all the time. The key to having fun is to take on all the mannerisms of someone who is having fun. New breakthroughs in neuroscience have been made the last few years. Previously, scientists thought that neurotransmitters ran from your brain to your body, and what your brain felt affected your body’s reactions. If you felt nervous in your head, you’d feel it in your stomach. New research shows that transmitters run both ways: If you smile, you’re actually telling your brain that you’re happy and having fun, and are more likely for it to become so? 2. Socializing: You want to meet as many different kinds of people as you can. The easiest time to do so is early in the night if you’re out at night: Early in the night the place is empty and people are looking to get something happening. It’s very easy to start socializing early in the night, and meet a wide variety of people. In “night club time”, three hours is an eternity, so people you met at 10 o’clock are your best friends at 1 AM.? 3. Make Others Have Fun: Even if someone is rude to you, sincerely wish them well and move on. Truly high status people do not waste time trying to hurt others – they simply move on with indifference. Sincerely try to elevate the mood of everyone you meet, and it will diffuse the vast majority of competition and roadblocks.? Your primary focus should be about half of where your mental energy is going. Roughly 50-65%.? Your Secondary Focus:? 4. Make Connections: After you’re having fun, socializing, and making others enjoy themselves, connect with people on a wide range of topics. Look for common ground and topics that interest both of you Some of the best topics are ones that interest you that you don’t know much about – get the other person to tell you about their career, where they’re from, or about anything they know more about than you that you’re interested in. They’ll feel good, and they’re also putting effort – compliance – into the interaction.? 5. See if People Meet Your Standards: High status people do not try to impress others – they know that they’re high status people, so they simply assume that others like them and then see how well others stack up with their criteria of what they like. It’s absolutely crucial to hold other people up to your standards. You should codify your mental standards and hold women to them.? Your secondary focus should make up 25-30% of your mental energy, and should be your goal once you’re having fun, socializing, and others around you are having fun.? Your Tertiary Focus:? The range of mental energy left is only 5-25%. On a great night, where everything clicks, only 5% of your mental energy will be expended on your tertiary focus, which is Logistics, Conscious Use of Tactics, and Everything Else. After learning a technique, you’re more likely to do it correctly if you let your subconscious take over, and then consciously analyze it later. However, even during a nuclear meltdown, no more than 25% of your mental energy should go into Logistics and Tactics. Overanalysis in field leads to the brow furrowing, eyes unfocusing, and a slight frown naturally, in addition to other subtle cues that you’re not in the moment.? Focus in Action: The “Other Guys”? Here’s how it works: If you’re with a girl, you’re having fun, socializing, making her have fun, and so on. Then a random guy walks up and starts engaging one or both of you.? Many guys get tense and attack the guy socially at this point. Instead, here’s your goals – First, have fun. Make sure you’re enjoying yourself, and at no point “suffer” to continue the interaction.? Now, engage the guy and try to elevate this mood. Greet him warmly, introduce yourself, and ask how his night is going. Engage him, and ask about him for a bit.? What this does: He’ll show his intentions right away. If the guy is legitimately a cool, social guy and you make friends with him, you’ll be all set. In practice, the guy will often move along in 5 minutes and you can chat with him later if you see him. If however, he tries to ignore you to engage the girl, or says something rude, now he’s not being fun – so you say to the girl, “Hey, want to go meet my friends?” Or, “Let’s go grab a drink”, “Let’s check out the music elsewhere” – and take her by the hand and leave.  Doing that right off the bat would’ve made you look insecure, but engaging the guy and having him spur friendly conversation lowers him in the girl’s eyes, and makes it almost expected for you to excuse the both of you from the would-be predator. Focus in Action: Her Girlfriends You’re always trying to meet as many people as possible, and make them feel good. When you engage a girl and it’s going well, early in the interaction you say, “So where’s the rest of our friends?” Get her to introduce you to her friends preemptively, then engage them, socialize with them, be friendly and make them enjoy their night more, and connect with them. Then, see if her friends are your kind of people, and ask them about your girl to see if she’s up to your type. By preemptively engaging her girlfriends instead of waiting for them to show up with their own agenda, you greatly increase the chances that the friends leave you two to enjoy yourselves, and that her friends give your girl their blessing to get to know you more.? This wraps up this installment of the Vibe Mastery Series, Presented for free courtesy of Master the Vibe.

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