No Excuses Fat Ass

I know I said in a recent post that Old Bobby is packing on the pounds… And I wasn’t lying. But I’m okay with that now. Does that mean I let my self go to shit. Hell no! I still hit up the gym a few days a week. Why? Because I love the way I feel after a good workout. My recent weight gain has more to do with beer and pizza then it does with being lazy.

In that same post I talk about how when I was younger I used to blame all my struggles on the fact that I was a pudgy 16 year old. Well, talking to a lot of guys about their problems with women… it seems many men are still blaming their problems on the fact that they’re a few extra pounds.

I want to say a few things about that mentality. First, its bullshit. I’ve seen plenty of fat asses scoring with beautiful babes. If you’re fat… you need the right attitude. You saw Fat Joe pull it off in The Pick-Up artist yesterday. Second, if you’re fat, get off your ass and head to the gym. Go on a diet, start paying attention to what you eat.

I say this because weight issues have a strong effect on our self esteem. Society has programed that into us. I’ve found that the better shape I’m in the better I feel all around. The better I feel the more I’m willing to go out and open sets.. The more sets I open the more pussy I’m eating… Wouldn’t a nice pussy taste better than McDonalds right about now???

This isn’t just for fat guys. Don’t think I’m picking on you. Its for skinny guys, guys with bitch tits, just about any guy who values his appearance. If you’re taking the time to read this site, learn routines, PUA openers, the attitude, and so on… You may as well have the look to back it up. I’m not talking about becoming a gym rat steroid head. Fuck that. I’m just saying live the life of a well balanced male. A well balanced male is in control of all areas of his life: health, money, women, friends, hobbies…

So how do you get started? Simple! My answer for everything: The internet. My favorite site is I’m a big fan of the site for the sole reason that his contains hundreds of articles on working out. It has tips for beginners on every facet of hitting the gym. Like what’s a good routine? What supplements to take? How to change your diet without dieting? Shit like this has helped me.

If you go to their site just look for the section titled articles. And check out this site as I in the future I will post some of the best advice I’ve been given on developing my gym habits.

And if you want some good motivation to get your ass in shape check out Jelena Abbou.  She’ll make you feel like shit for looking like such a slob!

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