Review of Episode 3 of Mystery’s vh1 “The Pick-up Artist”

This week the boys learned all about story-telling. If they had read the blog I posted a couple months ago they might have fared better. Story telling is an essential trait that a PUA must have. Unfortanetly none of these guys really demonstrated a good ability to tell a story.

I thought the scene with the little girls was too made for TV. I see why they need to put tests like that in there just to keep things from getting repetitive. But the scene got boring quick.

I must say I hate Pradeep. He annoys the shit out of me. Scott and Brady kind of annoy me too. Joe W. is a harmless fruit.

I think at this point I’m pulling for Joe D. or Kosmo to win.

Mystery, Matador, and K-Dogg taught the guys all about DHVs or Demonstrations of higher value. There are gambits that make you seem interesting. Here is a good post with some examples of DHVs.

They also talked about “Negs” this week. Funny, I just put a post about about next earlier today. If you’re unfamiliar with neg theory check out this post for some good examples of negs.

The infield portion of the show was a nightmare. The only guy that seemed to even remotely interest his set was Joe W. But they probably thought he was harmless because he came off so gay.

Pradeep and Fred was a train wreck. I felt bad for the girls who had to sit and listen to that crap.

Kosmo was unsure of himself and blew it quickly. Scott stumbled through the lines, but I have to give him credit for trying. He does really seem to want this. And Mystery seems to have a thing for him. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Scott wins.

In the end Fred got kicked off. Poor virgin. Guess he’ll never get no play. Oh well, he didn’t seem to interested in learning the stuff. If he was trying harder I might have felt bad for him, but I have no patience for people who don’t even attempt to give this stuff a shot.

Anyway, I don’t believe that this show will have any effect on your pickups. I wouldn’t be nervous using negs, or routines, or openers. Don’t use the specific ones they used in the show, but there are plenty of others to choose from. Just search around this site and I’m sure you’ll find more then you need.

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