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Awhile back I posted an article by Cain Cox titled “the Art of Peacocking.” This is a follow up to that post, his second installment of his really educational newsletter. I heard he also has an E-book out with the same title. It may be worth checking out.

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Here is Cain’s latest newsletter:

Hi & welcome to the second part of my FREE 5 part mini course on peacocking & style. In the last part I briefly covered peacock theory & the dangers of NOT knowing how to peacock effectively.

In this part I am going to briefly graze upon basic dress sense that every man should know.

Being a top fashion consultant I obviously have an eye for fashion & I want to bring you up to speed so you can reap the benefits that a good fashion sense brings.

(Q) Do you have to be one the best dressed men on the planet in order to get the worlds most beautiful women?

(A) Of course NOT but it does help to put your best possible self forward so women will have a better first impression of you & to be given a chance in the first place.

The scary thing about people who don’t know how to dress is that they have NO idea of how bad they look in the eyes of people who do know how to dress to impress, especially hot women have a particularly good sense of fashion & they are able to tell a LOT about a man by what he’s wearing. They notice every little detail. You have been warned .

I want to get you to the stage where you have mastered the art of clothes/fashion, and then you can start breaking rules in such a way that communicates you know what the rules of fashion are.

Ok first thing I suggest is you start learning to get an eye for fashion. Men’s magazines like GQ & Esquire are really good magazines to get started on but you are probably thinking but everything I see in those books are too expensive. I TOTALLY agree 100%. I don’t want you to be buying things from these magazines unless you can afford it because they are very expensive indeed. I just want you to start noticing details on what’s HOT & what’s NOT. I want you to notice how they match colours, how they wear their clothes, how they accessorise with hats, necklaces, bracelets Etc, I want you to notice their body language, how well groomed the models are, what the latest fashion trend is, what colours are in & what’s on its way out. Just by regularly reading a few fashion magazines you will subconsciously learn a LOT about the art that is fashion.

Tip If there are clothes/accessories that meet your eye in these guys magazines, jot down the brand & search the net for a cheaper variation. Also if you notice something that you feel drawn too, look closely & figure out what exactly it is that you like. For instance, if the models wearing a black Gucci v-neck t-shirt at a value of $200, maybe it’s the black v-neck t-shirt that you are drawn too & not the fact that it’s a Gucci t-shirt, so find a cheaper variation of a black v-neck t-shirt that suits YOU best.

Did you notice how I highlighted the word? YOU ? Yeah it’s highlighted for a reason because most guys without any fashion sense will see someone wearing something cool & then try to wear exact the same outfit but something’s just off? Find out what suits YOU best. For instance if you see a guy that is tall & slim & he’s looking amazing in a pair of skinny jeans & a fitted t-shirt, Ask yourself “what would I look like wearing that?. Be brutally honest with your self because if you are short & fat, then skinny jeans & a fitted t-shirt will do more harm than good.

Learn to know your body type & accept it for what it is. If you want to be slimmer then make a decision to yourself to do soo, if you want to bulk up then make a decision to do soo, but always be aware of your body type at the present moment.

Don’t get me wrong there is NO harm in trying on something that you fancy but fear it wont suit you, but don’t try to trick your mind in to believing something looks good on you when it clearly does not.

Work with what you have got

If you are overweight & have ZERO dress sense, don’t just sit back & feel sorry for yourself until you manage to lose some weight & get a better idea of fashion. If you want to lose some weight & learn fashion then great; but in the mean time work with what you got. Be your best possible self whilst always seeking to improve. If you want brand new clothes but unfortunately haven’t got the money do buy them then make the best possible outfit out of what you got until you can manage to afford new clothes.

The only way to learn what clothes suits you best & what gets you the best reactions is to actually be experimenting. It’s funny because when you get an eye for fashion & you feel like you have mastered the art, in a few months time you will likely look back & think to yourself wow I have really improved my image in the last few months. This is a continuous cycle.

Another great tip to help you out in the fashion department is to actually be around fashionable people. If you are surrounded by swanky people then you will subconsciously pick up on their good dress sense & start personalising your OWN style.

Having trendy female friends to take shopping with you is another great way of learning fashion. Hot women especially have a strong sense of fashion & they will work out what suits you best right down to the last detail.

5 simple quick fix tips on basic dress sense

(1) ALWAYS wear clean clothes. It may sound simple but you would never believe how many guys do not wash their clothes on a regular basis. When you wear clean & well ironed clothes you will feel fresh therefore feel good about yourself. If you wear dirty clothes then you will feel dirty & won’t have that extra sparkle. Do NOT wear clothes if they have any grubby marks because if you think hot women won’t notice them then think again because they can pick up on the smallest of details. Keep your shoes pristine clean because women can tell a lot about a guy just by his shoes.

(2) Wear clothes that actually fit YOU best. You can be wearing the most sparkling pristine expensive outfit in the world but if it doesn’t fit you right then it just won’t cut it.

If you are tall & skinny then highlight this by wearing more fitted clothing. Tall slim people are lucky because they usually know what an outfit would look like on them because the model that was modelling the outfit was most probably tall & slim too.

If you are fat then wear darker colours & avoid light colours. Also wear trousers/jeans with a bit of slack, loose fit jeans usually fit best. Tucking your shirt in will highlight your shape so un-tuck your shirt if you have a few extra tyres for spare.

Make sure your trousers/jeans are long enough so they comfortably fall elegantly over your footwear. Trousers that expose your ankles because they are too short are deal breakers. Also wear dark colour socks with dark trousers/jeans. Wear your trousers around your hips, that means not half way up your chest & not half way down your ass exposing your ass crack.

(3) As I have already covered, be around fashionable people. Spark an interest in fashion & try to make it one of your hobbies. Have lots of HOT women who you can take shopping with you or ask hot women for their honest opinion on how something looks, because women love nothing more than giving advice when it comes to fashion. Taking note of what celebrities are wearing is another solid tip because not only do they have some top fashion consultants working for them but celebrities are also usually the fashion trend setters.

(4) Its usually a wise choice to stick to NO more than 3 colours if you are new to fashion. People who wear numerous colours when they don’t know what they are doing are just asking for trouble. Another very basic dress rule is to match your shoe colour with your belt colour. Avoid wearing too much of one colour because no matter what colour it is, it will look too much. Also avoid colour clashes. A good tip on how to avoid clashing colours is to buy new clothes that you know will also go with other items of your wardrobe.

(5) Highlight your best features whilst covering up your worst ones. If you have an amazing toned body then show it, if you have an extremely hairy chest then cover it up. Its common sense but some guys just don’t seem to learn. In order to be successful at this rule, you need to be brutally honest on what’s your good assets & what’s your bad ones.

There are MANY more tips on BASIC dress sense & ADVANCED fashion advice in my eBook The art of peacocking.’

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