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Pick-Up Story of the Week

Anybody who follows this blog knows old Bobby has been content lately with a recent lady he’s been seeing… therefor the pick-up stories have slowed down a bit. Since I’ve been with her there had only been one lapse in judgement (the story)…. up until this weekend. Yes, Bobby returns to his old ways of infidelity… and I thought I would share the story for you all.

By the way, I’m looking to continue this Pick-up Story of the week idea. I’d like all of you to contribute your pick-up stories and field reports to this blog. This week if you have any recent success stories leave them as a comment. In the future, go to the contact us page, and email the story to us and we will post any stories we get on Sunday nights.

Here’s what happened. I am going to leave out the grand finale (god forbid my girl stumbles onto this site I don’t need her reading the gory details.)

Simple enough sort of night. Banged up from a late session Friday with my girl and some friends drinking and shit. Decide to take it easy Saturday. Call a friend Eddie who I don’t see often. We’re both old so we decide to hit Houlihans up for some drinks and appetizers. We have no plans of doing anything past this. We weren’t peacocking, we didn’t have any openers planned out, no routines memorized. The goal of the night was to have some drinks, some laughs, and share some stories with a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile.

So were sitting at the bar, we have been there about an hour. We’re done eating, and I’m about four beers deep. Sitting next to me is an old guy drinking alone, on his right are two blonde girls. The girls are both really cute, maybe 26 or 27 years old. Although neither me or Eddie say anything verbally, but we both acknowledge to each other that girls are there. Kind of a “well, maybe we can just have a little fun…” sort of acknowledgment.

At the moment the girls are eating, and we both know better than to intro a set thats eating. I hate being interrupted when I’m eating… so do girls.

Eddie makes a good wingman. Mainly because we make each other laugh. Anytime we hang out we have a genuiley good time (with or without the addition of a couple girls) which in turn makes it easier to meet women together. This time was no exception. We’ve got each other cracking up and have temporarily forgotten about the women to my right.

As I notice the waiter taking the girls plates away I signal Eddie that its time to man up. Our conversation at the moment involved talking about about his younger brother who’s girlfriend just recently moved to Michigan for college. Eddie’s brother is convinced the girl will remain faithful. I am always busting his brother’s ball about this telling him “no girl remains faithful in college.”

Because there was a guy sitting between us and the girls we had to use him as a pivot. After discussing the issue, we turned to the guy drinking alone and said “A girl moves to Michigan for college…will she be faithful” The older guy (old guys drinking alone are great because they always love to talk) starts telling a story about his son’s girlfriend who went away to college and broke up with his son a few months later. I finally open the girls (who I notice listening in on the conversation) I ask them what they think. One of the girls thinks she’ll cheat. The other one says “If they are in love she won’t” I say “You didn’t go away for college did you?” She didn’t. I then point her and say “You’re the romantic…you’re friend is the realist.”

The old guy does what all old guys in bars do when you show interest in their life…he doesn’t shut the fuck up. He is now telling a story about his ex wife. This jackass his killing our game. Luckily, his threads are interesting topics that allow me and Eddie to throw some jokes out there about marriage. I telegraph some interest to the girls by saying “let me see the fingers” Neither of them have rings. They ask if we have girlfriends. I hate this question (especially because I do) But it really is a no win question, although it is a nice IOI. Thankfully Eddie, a good wingman, says an amiguous “no” and quickly changes the subject back to his brother in Michigan. This allows me to get out of lying. We don’t ask if they have boyfriends… because it doesn’t really matter. Does it?

We soon learn that the one of the girl (at this point names still haven’t been exchanged) is a school nurse. The other one is journalist. I’m more interested in the nurse. She’s got that raspy fuck me voice, and seems the wilder of the two. I begin busting on her accusing her of stealing the school kids adderal. She goes a long with it. Eddie is stuck talking to the old guy for the moment. At this point I get up from my seat and walk closer to the girls so that I’m not talking over the old guys back.

I start teasing the journalist a little to keep her from getting board until Eddie can ditch the old guy. I ask how the girls know each other. Their is a smile between them that lets me know I’m in for a good story. Turns out the journalist was the nurse’s ex boyfriends girl on the side. They realized that he was two timing both of them and they became friends. This was like four years ago. I tell the nurse “After me and her (pointing at the journalist) start dating, I’ll start calling you and we can get back at her” Eddie over hears this and takes it as his cue to enter.

Eddie mistakes me flirting with the journalist as being interested in her. He begins gaming the nurse. At this point I would have preffered the nurse as she seemed like the more sexual of the two, but they were equally cute, and the journalist was giving me the puppy dog eyes when I was teasing her.

We chat a little bit longer and then I suggest the bounce. There is a bar down the street that has shuffle board and we decide to head there. I am immediately happy that I wind up with the journalist. We I suggest the bounce the nurse is a little hesitant because she’s tired. The journalist jumps at it.

We finally exchange names: Journalist (Christina) and Nurse (Debbie)

In the car Eddie tells me he went for the nurse because he noticed the Christina was staring me down every time I wasn’t talking to her. He said she would get fidgety until I started paying her attention again.

The minute we get into the next bar I begin escalating kino. Eddie’s observation (and the 8 or so beers) has me confident. We pair off me and Christina vs. Eddie and Debbie in shuffle board. Competitive games like this work well because it allows for a lot of kino and fake enthusiasm for winning shots and stuff.

I have a crucial decision to make. If I don’t hook up with this girl tonight I probably won’t ever because its hard to court a girl when you’re already dating someone. And the more the kino escalated the more I was dying to hook up with Christina. Eddie and the nurse have hit it off but she keeps yawning and I know at any minute she’s going to want to leave. I know from earlier that they have two cars. So do me and Eddie, except he left his car back at Houlihans. It is all about logistics at this point. How can I isolate the target?

Like I predict, about fifteen minutes after the shuffle board game ends the nurse wants to leave. Luckily Eddie immediately says, “I’m beat too” Which gives me an opportunity to say I want to stay. Before even asking Christina if she want to stay I ask the nurse if she can give Eddie a ride back to Houlihans. I tell her I’m going to hang out here for another beer. I don’t ask Christina to stay I just assume she is. And she does. She tells the nurse she’s going to stay here and sober up a few minutes before leaving.

Once the Eddie and nurse are gone I realize I’m in, so I start telegraphing some interest. It turns out she lives like 5 minutes from here. Nice. I know where I’ll be sleeping tonight.

After about ten minutes I say fuck it and kiss her. We’re in a hole in the wall bar that is basically empty. Its a quick little kiss just to get it over with so its not awkward later.

A few minutes later we walk out to the parking lot. It still hasn’t been said that I’ll be going home with her, but it is sort of understood. At least I think it is. She starts saying goodbye like the night is over, asking me if I want her number. I’m like shit..shit..shit!!!!

I realize I can’t verbally ask to come back to her place so I have to force her to ask me. I do this by kissing her again. This time its longer. I push her against the car a little bit. I kiss her neck. Then I back away so I don’t scare her. When I back away she pulls me back. I tell her I want her. She tells me to get in her car. I get in and we drive to her house.

Yes, I am a scum bag. I know. But sometimes our EGOs control us. Yes, I woke up this morning and felt guilty. And Yes, I probably will call Christina some time in the future (hey, she’s already used to being the piece on the side)


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