Does Bobby Rio Have One-Itis???

Say it ain’t so, Bobby! Say it ain’t so! Relax! Bobby isn’t going soft on you all just yet. But I will admit that I had to go back and re read some material to straighten the old head out a little bit. Nothing a little David D or Badboy couldn’t fix lol.

Those of you who have been following this blog know I mentioned a new girl I’ve been dating in the blogs “Patience is a Virtue” and “Bobby Rio Feels Vulnerable”. While the jury is still out on where this little “relationship” is going; it has made me ponder a few things that I thought I would pass along.

I courted this girl in standard Bobby Rio fashion. And I’ve kept up that game the entire month we’ve been seeing eachother. It’s been easy because I don’t see her often and my time is easily occupied with other girls. I do not hide this from her and she readily admits to me that she sees me as a player. From the “Patience is a virtue” blog you know she isn’t the kind of girl who would appear to be into that type of guy. And its starting to fuck with my head.

I give the standard line of advice to guys, “I know you think its different with her, you don’t have to play games, ect… but you ALWAYS have to play games.” It is this piece of advice I’ve been strugling with the last couple days. I enjoy this girls company, and the little physical relationship we have, and want to let her know this, and in turn try to dismiss her view of me as a cocky womanizer. My natural AFC instinct wants to fall back into the outdated mode of attraction: Calling her a lot to show I care, telling her i’m not seeing anyone else, censoring my usual raunchy behavior… Yet I know this shit don’t work, never worked, and everything I’ve been doing up until this point (not calling, playing hot cold, letting her know she ain’t the only one, talking to her as if she’s one of the guys) has worked like a charm. Its just tough for the cerebral brain to comprehend, even after doing this for years with great success, that this works even on the “good girls.”

So, does Bobby Rio have One-Itis or am I just going through the usual self doubt that goes along with using the rules of seduction on a girl that you actually respect and could imagine possibly dating? Who knows? I guess I will ride it out a little further… Sometimes the chase is fun!

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