How to Tell If Your Girlfriend’s Cheating on You



7 Signs Your Girlfriend is Probably Unfaithful

With my recent bout with infidelity, it got me to thinking. We all have these girls that seem so much like the perfect girlfriends… but is it a fraud. I mean think about how easy it really is to get away with cheating on someone. Old Bobby’s been hurt really bad on just one occasion due to a girl’s unfaithfulness. And the catch is… I saw it coming. I ignored the warning signs.. I denied it to myself until I was sitting outside of her house drunk off my ass at five in the morning wondering where she was.

For you guys wondering if your girl is cheating on you, I’m going to give you some of the tell tale warning signs of how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you.

Cheating Sign #1: She avoids eye contact when you ask her what she did last night.

We all know all girls by now. We can catch on to the slight differences in their reactions. When you ask her what she did last night… you know how long of a pause there should be before she says “I just stayed in,” or “Me and Michelle went out for a drink.” You also know where her eyes should be. If her eyes won’t make full contact with yours, chances are she was getting slammed silly by some dude on steroids. Yea I hate the image too, but facts are facts.

Cheating Sign #2: I knew my girl was fucking around when she got nervous when I said I might pop by a bar she claimed she was going to with her friends.

In the past my girl always wanted me by her side. She would have welcomed me popping by. But I sensed a nervousness, and her tone of voice changed. All of the sudden concrete plans to go to a certain bar became “well, were not really sure what bar were going to… or how long we’ll be there.” Sure you don’t you skanky bitch…. you’re already counting down the hours till your stuffing your mouth with with new dick.

Cheating Sign #3:   She is suddenly chewing gum more often, wearing different perfumes, straightening her hair, trimming her pubes...

All the shit she was too lazy to do for you anymore she has suddenly begun doing again. HAHA and you thought that perfect landing strip leading to her cooch was your new toy. Wrong. Some other guy has got her wanting to be a woman again.

Cheating Sign #4:  Her kissing style changes.

This one is noticeable. Everyone kisses different. And after kissing someone for a certain period of time you develop a pattern of kissing. Once that pattern starts changing there is a reason. The new guy is dictating the way she kisses. So yea, if she used to be full out face licker, and now she’s a slow passionate nibbler… Well, you probably already know by now.

Cheating Sign #5:  She gets nervous when you pick up her cell phone.

Sure the smart ones erase phone calls and texts but there is always that doubt in their mind that they missed one. You’ll feel that doubt when you pick up her phone. See how quickly she grabs it away from you.

Cheating Sign #6:  She wants sex with you less.

She’s worn out from the new guy. You just don’t wet her pussy anymore. The worst is when she does fuck you and her pussy just don’t feel as tight as it used to.

Cheating Sign #7:  Trust your gut.

Unless you have a history of be a delusional paranoid idiot, you’re gut feeling is probably right.

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  1. chris

    September 25, 2007 at 7:03 am

    Don’t you live in Jersey? of course your gonna ge cheated on with the girls in this state, lol. One of my ex’s flipped out when I grabbed her phone to look at the time, she then went through it deleting messages as I watched. I took her phone a week later and guess what, she forogt to delete the sent text messages! Yep, I caught her, it sucked till I got my next piece of ass that weekend.

  2. Bobby_Rio

    September 25, 2007 at 11:56 am

    Yes NJ girls basically suck.. I remember the night i caught her… i cooked her dinner. she tells me she has to go study. and asks for a piece of gum. im like this bitch is going to ask me for gum so her breath smells fresh for some motherfucker.

    needless to say i dronve to her house, and she wasn’t there.

    One big scene later and I was single again.

    Best move of my life

  3. ear raped by a 12 gauge shotgun =D

    November 3, 2007 at 3:58 pm

    HAHA!! Yeah, I see absolutely ALL of those signs!!
    Not one of them is even slightly different from those of my girlfriends actions… You are a god and, you should be worshiped!!


  4. Damn

    January 3, 2009 at 6:21 pm



  5. Saintluger

    December 12, 2014 at 11:18 am

    … all women are whores, treat them as such, they have no honor, integrity, ACCOUNTABILITY, respect or empathy and you sure as shit will NEVER get loyalty from a Westernized women, they think life is free and their (credit card) slot is the golden ticket for life… but then again IT’S ALL THEY GOT TO WORK WITH IN A MANS WORLD… do the math and figure it out… ALL women are natural born whores who constantly ‘sneak around’… and yes, lots of sex WILL stretch a woman out… and yes, you can tell when a woman cheats… so give up the lies already ‘ladies’ and get some self respect and moral fiber. What life long second place losers. MOST women are weak life long losers… get it yet? MEN are the prize, make the money and prostitution IS the worlds oldest profession still. Fk ’em and chuck ’em… because obviously, that’s exactly what they want so why disappoint them… and why waste a good role – or romp. Just use a condon, disease doesn’t hide, harbor, breed and spread froma “warm moist dark penis”… get over yourselves Disney hoes, it’s pretty much all you are.

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