The 5 Reasons Why She Cheats…

The Truth About Why Women Lose Interest…

We’ve all been there…

You are dating a girl? Everything seems like it is going well, and she likes you back? Then out of nowhere things seemingly turn south?

  • She stops returning your texts out of nowhere (or responds with one worded answers)
  • She posts pictures of her with other men, on social media
  • When talking to you, she seems distant

When you see these signs you can be sure that she’s either cheating, or you’ve safely landed yourself in the friend-zone.

And yes, I say you’ve “safely” landed there because being “safe” is the precise reason you’re there.

Which brings me into the TOPIC of today’s newsletter…

5 reasons why women cheat, or lose interest in a guy.

Here we go:

Reason #1: You Are Too Safe

Safe is boring.

Safe is predictable.

Safe is beta.

She wants a man who takes risks.

She doesn’t want the guy who goes squirrel hunting to feed his family. She wants the guy who hunts lions, in order to feed the VILLAGE.


Almost every decision she makes comes down to 1 thing… How she feels. Her feeling about a guy comes down to her instincts of Survival and Reproduction.

Evolutionarily, when her man can take risks for the betterment of the tribe, she knows that when push comes to shove, you will be there to protect her.

If you think about it, women love ?bad boys? because they take risks, and rarely play it safe. Just picture the Hollywood version of the ?bad boy? who rides a motorcycle, and probably doesn?t wear a helmet.

So what does this mean for you?

Stop being so safe, and predictable.

If she says something offensive to you… have the ability to laugh it off and then move on like nothing happened.

If she texts, or calls you, don’t always feel like you have to respond.

Be unpredictable in your relationship with her, and she’ll always stay intrigued with you.

Reason #2: You Do Not LEAD.

Who would you rather hang out with:

The cool guy who everybody looks up to, or the guy who copies everything that the cool guy does?

You would want to hang out with the COOL guy. The leader.

Obviously, there are a ton of reasons why the leader is super attractive (preselection, takes risks, etc.), but the major one is that he offers value.

Leaders lead, and never ask for anything in return. He leads because it is his nature.

He gives guidance. He shows the way. And he paves the path for everyone else to follow.

Whereas the man who doesn’t lead is, once again, safe. He follows the crowd. He doesn’t think for himself. He never takes the risk of forging his own path.

And because he is never willing to take the lead, he rarely get the girl that he wants.

So what does this mean for you?

Do you have to become the alpha male? Do you have to be the leader of every group that you are in?

Absolutely not. While being the leader of other men is attractive, she cares much more that you can lead her in your relationship.

The key here is to start leading the interactions that you have with your girl. Here are a few examples:

  • ?If you want to take her on a date, rather than asking for her approval, simply tell her what you want. For instance, texting her, ?There?s this awesome concert that I want to see on Friday. I want you to come.” is WAY more dominant, and leading compared to, “Hey. So there is concert on Friday, do you want to go with me??
  • When you have approach her in a bar and are flirting with her, lead her to another part of the bar by saying, ?It?s loud in here. Let?s continue this conversation outside.?
  • When you and her are grabbing some food, rather than asking her what she wants, tell her ?There is this amazing restaurant that I want to take you to. I?ve already made reservations for 7PM. Wear that black dress you know I like.?

Reason #3: You Suck in Bed

A girl will not lose interest in a guy just because he isn?t the most skilled sexual partner.

But she will lose interest if he never improves, never asking her what she likes, and is completely predictable in bed.

I don’t care how many girls you’ve banged (because, frankly, it doesn’t really matter), you should ALWAYS be improving your skills in the sac.

Not only does it separate you from every other guy, but it’s the one thing that can TRUMP any other downfall you’ve got.

Regardless of any downfall you may have, if you can give her mind-blowing orgasms, then she will never get tired of fucking you.

Being great in bed is a skill that you can learn.

Educate yourself on what women like in bed, and more importantly talk to your girl about what really turns her on, and also what doesn?t.

Reason #4: She is Your Only Option

This comes down to supply and demand.

People always want what others want, and we don’t want what others don’t want.

If she knows (or thinks) that other women are attracted to you, then she will want you even more.

This is the same as when you see a huge line of people waiting to get the newest iPhone. You desire to get that phone instantly goes up, simply because you found out that a lot of other people want it.

If you seem like the guy who has an abundance of women in your life, then you have social proof working in your favor. This is often referred to as being ?preselected”.

Having preselection makes women even more attracted to you simply because she knows you have options with women. But if she knows that she is your only option, then she holds power over you, and her desire for you wanes.

It might not seem fair, but as Tupac always said? “That’s just the way it is.”

And last but not least…

Reason #5: You Take Her On Bad Dates

If you’re like most men in the world, then you are constantly trying to figure out how you can get this girl’s phone number just so you can ask her out on a date.

And if your first idea of a “good date” has anything to do with:

-Going to the movies

-Taking her to dinner

-Buying her flowers

-Putt-putt golf

-Asking her out via text

You’ve got it all wrong my friend.

The truth is that women care much less about the actual ?date? than she cares about how you and her relate.

What she truly cares about is if she actually enjoys the time she spends with you. This is why a spending a ton of money on a fancy and romantic date will still not be enough to the girl. If she is bored out of her mind, or feels like you need a fancy date just to compensate for how boring your personality is, then she will feel no attraction for you.

So rather than focusing on the actual date, focus on the experience.

Ask yourself, ?How can I make this more fun for both of us??

A lot of times, this comes down to self-entertaining, and playfully teasing her when you are with her. By self-entertaining, teasing, and playfully challenging the girl, you are actually injecting fun emotions into your interaction with her.

If you combine these fun emotions with the fact that you take risks, you lead, and you are great in bed? Then she will never want to leave you.

-Patrick James

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