First, I’d like to thank all those who offered their opinion on Bobby’s Little Dilemma. Since, you took the time to respond, I’ll take the time to give you the follow up.

Last night my girl had her friend’s bachelorette party so I was solo for the night. Old Bobby is like a feisty dog when he’s left alone and is just bound to get himself into trouble.

After rationalizing that my girl is probably out groping Chip n Dale dancers with 10 inch cocks… I start playing text tag with Volley Ball Girl. After 3 texts back and forth we decide to meet up at the Barn Yard for some drinks. The Barn Yard is the bar that hosts our volley ball leauge in the summer. It’s an awesome secluded place that has a big outdoor section with volley ball, horse shoes, and a generally cool atmosphere. Best of all no one I know ever goes there.

It’s raining so we have to hang inside, which is fine. We have our usually conversation for awhile. Finally as our hands begin becoming more liberal about resting them on eachothers bodies I decide its time to break the news.

Me: You know I have a girlfriend right?

Her: I kind of figured. Either that or you were gay.

Me: Definately not gay. So you know how hard this has been?

Her: You never mentioned her. How come?

Me: You never asked. I wasn’t going to volunteer the information.

Her: You’re right, even though I pretty much figured. It would have been hard to keep hanging out if I was 100% sure.

Me: And now that you’re 100% sure?

Her: I’m not sure.

I changed the subject after that, but couldn’t help but notice that she had lost a little sparkle in her eyes. We drank a few more beers and then left. When we got to the parking lot I asked her what she was going to do now. She said she has no plans. I told her that I just bought a Bruce Springsteen Live in New York DVD (she was extremely jealous when I went to the Bruce concert 2 weeks ago) I invited her back to my house to watch the dvd.

Bruce must really have an effect on her because within a half hour of the dvd we began kissing. Then I got a goodbye blow job… I could tell by the effort she put in that she knew this was the last time her mouth would touch my dick. She is too proud a girl to be the other woman.. I respect her for that. I’m really glad she wasn’t too proud to give me head though.

There was no talking about it, but I think we both understood that we couldn’t continue this flirtation. Now I am just praying that she doesn’t turn out to be one of those pycho girls that will show up at my Halloween Party next week crying and making a scene. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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