Waitering vs. Bartending Jobs

I am  going to take a quick break from the Brazil themed posts as i am planning a post on Good Game in Brazil for tomorrow.  Tonight I am going on my third date with the blonde i met the first night. I will give details of the encounter in tomorrows post.

Today I am going to answer a question i recieved from Seraf in my inbox regarding bartending jobs. Here is his question:

I had someone very recently suggest to me to become a bartender. He thinks I would make a great bartender. The thought never crossed my mind. Opportunity not only to spit game, but to observe game as well. Hell, I think I might even get to take a lovely lady back to my place one night.

I remember Bobby suggesting getting a serving job and right now that is what  I’m currently pursuing. But what are your thoughts on being a bartender? Do you think there is more opportunity in that job than being a server as far as gaming is concerned?

I remember the woman you had on one of your podcasts who was a bartender. Has she ever said anything about the job? Is it competitive or difficult to get into? If so, how would you suggest going about pursuing the job of bartender?

Thanks a lot,


I am going to make this quick, because quite frankly I am in Brazil and have more exciting options that sitting on a computer, but i thought this question was worth answering.

A waitering job in a chain place like Fridays, Applebees, Houlihans, or Chillis is a great gig.  These places always have a large staff of employees and a high turnover ratio so that there will always be new girls funneling in. You also get exposed to many different social scenes as all these girls have friends. If you have any game at all you will do very nicely assuming you choose a place with hot help.

But with a waitering job you are not likely to meet customers.  Its not a job that gives you a great opportunity to flirt with girls outside of your coworkers.

Bartending is a great gig with certain conditions.  Here in NJ it is extremely difficult to get a job at a good place without lots of experience or connections.  If you are lucky enough to land a job at a hot bar or club you will clean up with customers, and co workers. It may be the easiest ass you get.  But more than likely when beginning you will work the shitty shifts in a dive bar serving Manhattans to old people.

So my answer is if you have the connections to land a good bartending job take it.  You´ll rake in money and women. If you dont have connections or experience I suggest starting at a chain resturant. After awhile they will most likely offer to train you for the bar. Take the offer.  This experience will be priceless when attemting to land a job in a hot bar or club

Im out…. its back to the good life


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