3 Tips For Getting Your Female Friend to Fall For You

Everyone one of us at one point or another has had a female friend that we started to fall for. Let’s learn how to go about turning that friend into a girlfriend.? It can be done..I’ve done it.. but remember sometimes good friends are harder to find than good lays…. be careful!

3 Secrets to getting a Female Friend to fall for you

First, let’s talk about “gaming” girls in your social group.

Last week, I wrote about “Creepy Pickup Guy”. He assumes its “always on”. This is fine in clubs and bars, but it is really weird in social situations. Its more than weird, though. Its also low value.

Think about it. A guy who feels like he has to constantly be gaming everyone isn’t acting authentically. And if you can’t be authentic around your friends and social circle, you’re sunk. So as I wrote, a much better mindset for girls you know socially is “I’m going to have fun with everyone and see who I get along with.”

The first secret to getting female friends interested in you is to be DESIRELESS. Let her think that you see her as a friend. Do you realize how much this messes with women? They’re used to putting guys in the friend zone, not the other way around.

The second secret to getting female friends interested in you is to be AWESOME. She should see that you are good to the people in your life.? That you say “I love you” to Mom and that you look out for your best friends.? Don’t tell her. Let her see it.

And if you’re not treating people in your life right, with authentic care, you need to improve more than your skills with women.

The third secret to getting female friends interested in you is to FLIRT. Accuse them of using you for your social status. Tell them they look amazing tonight. Come up with nicknames like “trouble” and “crazy” for them. Role-play. Here are more tips on how to flirt with a girl.

The effect of these three things together is dynamite. When you’re desireless, a woman’s guards drop, as she sees your actions as coming from a place of authenticity. She will also likely develop some attraction for you. Everything is multiplied when you show her how you treat your friends and family. Then, by flirting with her, you begin to create sexual tension.

So by the time that things do start to heat up between you two, she will feel like she has earned it.

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