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Not everyone wants to be a pickup artist. Yes. Really its true. Some guys just want a girl to hang out with, a girl to fool around with, a girl to fall in love with. And then there are the guys who want to be pick up artist but hate the thought of trudging through bars and clubs every night. I can’t understand for the life of me, why these guys aren’t making use of online dating.

Sure a few years back there was a stigma with it. But the stigma is gone. Trust Bobby! So I’m going to give you the simplest steps you can take to begin meeting women immediately. And if you don’t believe me that online dating leads to more sex.  Then read this article about a study about women’s tendancy to fuck the first night,

  1. Decide what you want. This is important. If you don’t define your goals you might wind up on the wrong site. A)For instance if you’re ready to settle down, meet the mother of your future children… get your ass on Match.Com. Match is filled with girls looking for Mr. Right. These are the easiest girls to meet because they’ve been through the bars and clubs and are sick of games (That doesn’t mean you won’t play any:) B) On the other hand if your looking for some easy ass, not so concerned with scoring a 10, and just want to experiment with some naughty girls… get your ass on Adultfriendfinder. I’ve got two buddies that have been on the site for over a year and have never went a weekend without getting laid. They’re not banging models. But they have a gaggle of girls that they can call anytime for sex. Can you say that? C) If what you’re looking for is social contacts, building networks, and planting seeds… get your ass on Facebook. You probably won’t get any dates directly off of Facebook, but its a good way to keep in contact with girls you meet in the field. I fucked a few girls from Myspace… but what Myspace was a goldmine for was giving me the opportunity to work several girls hassle free at my own pace. I would meet a girl out, friend request her on Myspace, casually talk over a period of time, and then when the time was right…POUNCE.
  2. Make the commitment ASAP Back when I was coming out of a long drawn out breakup a couple years back I tossed around the idea of joining Match for like 6 months before I finally gave in. Within the first week I had three dates lined up and was kicking myself for not having joined the minute the relationship ended. My friend on Adultfriendfinder said the same thing. He was so concerned that the site was bullshit that he wasn’t willing to risk $20 to find out for himself. A year later he laughs at my other friends who are blowing $75-100 a night at bars and going home dry, while he’s got revolving door of pussy at his place for $20 a month. What’s good about the paysites is that they force you to take it more serious. And the girls on these sites tend to be more serious about meeting guys. Or they wouldn’t be paying. Right?
  3. Browse through the archives here and read up on online dating. In the online dating category I’ve got a shit load of good articles. The important thing is to just get a sense of good online game. You don’t need to read too much. You’ll find quickly that it really is easy to get dates. If you do find it difficult, and don’t mind shelling out a few dollars, then pick up Dave M’s course on it. He turns it into a science. Between the archives here and his course you have no excuses why you can’t have a date this weekend.

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