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High School Friends

This is the 6th lesson in my How to be Popular in High Schoolprogram. I highly suggest reading the introduction, and starting this program from the beginning if you haven't already done so.

I will be releasing a podcast soon going over the first 6 lessons. If you have any questions regarding any of the lessons or how to best implement them, leave me a comment below, and we’ll try to answer them in the podcast.

Lesson 6 “Be Cautious of Jealous Friends

This next lesson is another of the shorter lessons that focus more on an idea than an immediate action that you can implement. The topic that I want to explore is your current circle of friends.

I’ve mentioned previously that each one of you reading this program will be at different levels of the social high school hierarchy. It is important to be aware of where you currently stand on that hierarchy, as well as where your close group of friends fit it.

In an upcoming lesson I am going to explore how you should handle your rise in popularity in regards to the friends of yours that won’t be coming along for the ride. But today’s lesson is: Be careful of jealous friends.

I say this because if you’re doing all the things I’ve told you to do up until now, you have probably changed quite a bit in the last month. Sure, you may not be homecoming king material quite yet… but I’ve given you practical ways to improve your image, befriend popular kids, and be a cooler person.

Some of your friends will be threatened by your change. These friends will be negative towards your change. They will try to make you self consious about it. They will try to make you feel like you’re a fake. They will call you a poser.

The reason that they will attempt to halt your climb in popularity is because they don’t want to lose a friend. They are scared you will dessert them. AND they are jealous. They don’t have the balls to do what you’re doing and they secretly admire you for it. They feel a sense of self shame that they don’t have the same drive, ambition, motivation. And they are refleting their sense of self shame unto you.

You must ignore them. But you must be careful of them. These same “friends” can be poisonous to your rise if they turn against you.

You have two choices to make regarding the friends you currently have.

  1. Bring them with you
  2. Leave them behind

Like I said previously I will explore how to do deal with these friends in a later lesson. Today I want you to just be aware of why your friends might not be embracing your change. And your homework is to do a mental inventory of your current group of friends and start determining where they fit into the picture you see of yourself.


  1. Start scanning through your current circle of friends. Start identifying which ones you are really friends with, and which ones are just casual friends that are lumped into your circle.
  2. Think about which of your friends would be willing to do the program with you.
  3. Think about which of your friends you genuinely enjoy hanging out with.
  4. Think about which of your friends would be poisonous to your climb to the top.
  5. Think about which friends would have the most power to humiliate you.

Thats it for today. Keep your eyes open for the upcoming “How to be Popular in High School” first 6 lessons review. If you have any questions don’t forget to leave them below.

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