How to be Popular in High School

How to be popular in high school

The Program created by Bobby Rio

Warning: You may find the advice of this program to promote ideas you don’t like. I don’t necessarily like them either. But they work. And that is the point of this program. At some point I will create a program for making us all better people. But at the moment this program is to make you more popular in high school. Deal with it.

This is my charity work for the year. Maybe this series will save a few kids from lives of complete misery and despair. Over the next couple months I will be doing a continuing series about how to become popular in high school. I’ve broken it down to 21 lessons and will be posting the lessons two per week. This way you have the opporutunity to really understand the lesson before moving on to the next. Some lessons will come with home work.

I’ve written these lessons intended for guys, but girls can just easily learn a few things from them. If you’re not in high school, and think it is a waste of time to read the lessons, you’ll be missing out on some useful advice that pertains to just about any social scene you are involved with.

High school is the ideal situation to impliment this program as you will see the most obvious and drastic results, as it is the most tightly knit social circle there is. But like I said the program will work for any social enviroment that you repeatedly see the same people.

Lesson 1

Forget everything you learned from watching television and movies. The nerd does not get the girl in the end. The homecoming queen doesn’t fall for the shy inwardly romantic guy who gathers up the courage to ask her to the prom. Cheerleaders don’t fall for the book worm who teaches them a life lesson. None of these things happen in real life. They happen in movies. The sooner you realize this the better.

High school is a fucked a place. Once you get out of high school things get a lot easier. But while you’re in high shcool you can either play the game to win, or bitch and complain about how the “popular guys” have all the fun.

This first lesson may seem like the simplest lesson. I’m not asking you To Do anything yet. But in reality, this lesson may be the hardest. I am asking you to change the way you think. I am asking you to trust me completely. The process of becoming popular in high school will most likely change you as a person. At times you may feel like a different person. But that is what personal growth is about.


Over the next couple of days really pay attention to the interactions of everyone at your high school. The kids that are the most popular pay most attention to them. Write down the qualities you see in them that you think makes them popular. Chances are the reasons you think they are popular is not the reason at all. I will reveal the reasons as the program goes on. For now just list the reasons you think they are.

Also, over the next couple days, get excited. You are about to become a new person. Be excited about this. Be willing to admit that up until now you’ve done things wrong. If you had done things right you wouldn’t be reading this. But now you have the blue print in front of you to make it happen.

Come back in a couple days for your second lesson: Image is everything

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