Are You Jerking Off Too Much?

I recently wrote a post about how to naturally increase your testosterone level.  One of the ways I listed to increase testosterone was to have more sex.  Sexual stimulation causes the body to increase the production of oxytocin which increases endorphin production (the feel-good chemical), and this also raises testosterone.

One of readers, Sub5stance, brought up a very solid point.

I think I read on a web site (possibly this one) that while more sex increases testosterone, thats not true of masturbation. Does anyone have any knowledge about whether masturbation is good bad or indifferent?

Since I got into the game and especially since I raised my self-esteem and started working out more, Ive found that I no longer masturbate and actually feel less needy and more alpha (possibly because of that).

XTCWhile I have not found any concrete evidence that too much masturbation can lower testosterone levels… I do believe that too much masturbation can damage your self esteem, and in fact, make you less alpha.

We’ve all been there.  We are going through a slump.  We are horny as hell.  We casually make our way to our favorite porn site… and then take care of business.

We all know how fleeting the pleasure of masturbation is.  We instantly go from the highest of highs… to the lowest of lows.

The minute we finish we start with the negative self talk. “Why did I do that again?”  “When am I going to have sex instead of resorting to this?”  “Why can’t I get laid already?”

It is not the masturbation that effects your self esteem… it is the negative self talk afterwards.  After reaching orgasm you are at peak emotional state.  You are in a very powerful state to accept affirmations to your subconscious. And by thinking these negative thoughts you are drilling them into your psyche.

The reason that masturbation can be seen as a bad thing is because we view it as a cop out.  Instead of going out and trying to make a real connection with a girl… we take the easy route to sexual gratification.  If we are doing this constantly we run the risk of giving up on experiencing that real connection.

It would be unreal and impossible for me to tell you to quit rubbing one out.  Hell, we’re men.  But I would advise you to keep your jerking off to a minimum.

It is a fine line of having that built up sexual energy.  If you can transmute that sexual energy like Napoleon Hill talks about in his classic book Think and Grow Rich it is possible to really use that built up energy to your advantage.On the other hand, if you are so damn horny that you can’t think straight than I would advise rubbing one out.

My advise it to refrain from those self deflating jerk off binges.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  3 times in one day.  The last load barely drips out of you.  After wards you just lay there in self disgust.

Like anything in life… jerking off is best in moderation.

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