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Top 5 Vacations for the Alpha Male

Sam, pina colodas & chips.The summer is flying by. Pretty soon it will be over and you'll be sitting around wondering why you let another summer slip by without doing something significant.

Last year I wrote a post called 5 Top Vacation Destinations for Scoring with Chicks. I was going to update that list this year, but I looked it over, and still feel the places listed are the cream of the crop.mon, can you really beat Rio de Janeiro?

Are you tired of spending vacations on the beach sipping Pina Colodas?

This year I decided to do something different and comprise a list of top vacation destinations for creating that sense of significance you might be missing in your life.? Vacations where you’ll go a boy, and return a man!

If you're feeling beta and want to ignite some fire and drive in yourself, consider taking one of these vacations.

1. White Water Rafting (Cherry Creek/Tuolumne, CA)

20080628 Whitewater Rafting Trip - HotShot Imaging (110)There are very few trips as satisfying as a white water rafting trip. You get to spend a few days camping in the wilderness with you best buddies, a boat load of beer, grilling steaks and burger and then you set out on the river to get a taste of battle.

Snapshots of Cherry Creek rafters usually show the boat at a 90-degree pitch, almost as if everyone is paddling straight to hell. But survivors of this nine-mile Class V river, comprising one mile of Cherry Creek and eight miles of the Upper Tuolumne, get both a slice of heaven and hell on this run. Be prepared for holes, falls, and ledges, all surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery. The Tuolumne, designated a National Wild and Scenic River, is just north of the Yosemite border in Stanislaus National Forest.

2. Safari (Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Glen Rose, TX)

IMG_2146I don't think there is anything in life more adventurous than going on safari. This is where you get to see the real alpha males interact for supremacy. Ideally, you'll get to head over to Africa at some point in your life to experience it up close and personal.

If Africa is out of your budget, Fossil Rim is the next best thing. More than 1,100 animals representing 60 species roam freely on 1,800 acres including giraffes, Thomson’s gazelles, cheetahs, zebras, wildebeests, rhinos, oryxes and seven other varieties of antelope. For that true safari feeling, stay overnight in a tented cabin at the Foothills Safari Camp overlooking one of Fossil Rim’s most popular wildlife watering holes.

3. Bullfighting (Tijuana Mexico)

The Flourish

Ernest Hemingway used to write about the code of manliness in many of his books. In his eyes, the bullfighter exemplified a real man. Seeing a bullfight in person, which the sheer madness of 20,000 Mexicans cheering along is bound to move you in some way.

The beauty of heading to Tijuana for the bullfight is you also get to indulge in some of Tijuana's seedier aspects. There is nothing like watching a man kill a raging bull to get you fired up for a night on the town guzzling Tequila and rendezvousing with Mexican prostitutes.

4. Dogsledding in the Arctic (Alaska)

How about vacationing on the edge of the world for some real excitement? If you can convince some friendsEnjoying the tripto take the trip dogsledding on the Glacier with you, you can bet you’ll have bragging rights for most unusual vacation.

This adventure begins with a ski-plane flight from Bettles, Alaska, to a wilderness outpost at Eroded Mountain. Over the next nine days, you travel north through the dramatic Koyukuk River Valley. Dog teams carry all communal gear and heavy personal items while tour members take turns skiing and mushing. Camps are made in heated-wall tents along the trail. Moose, caribou, dall sheep, bears, wolves, and foxes inhabit the park. The longest day’s run goes approximately 15 miles, and daytime temperatures average 20 degrees.

5. Take a Covert Opts Class (Tucson, Arizona)

fbi hostage rescue teamOne of our readers, Chase, turned me onto this website that basically lets you choose an adventure. There are many to choose from but I thought the Covert Opts Class seemed the most exciting.

Over the three day weekend you'll learn to drive like James Bond by highly skilled professionals, escape from an ambush in a Fast Attack Vehicle, learn combat pistol techniques, learn counter-surveillance and espionage techniques, get trained in self defense by experts, and then participate in a Live Fire Hostage Rescue Operation.

Can you imagine how badass you'll come out of that weekend?


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