5 Top Vacation Destinations For Scoring With Chicks

Best Vacation Spots for Single Guys

Well, its summer time… And that means its time to start planning your vacation. Old Bobby likes to take a trip every couple of months to clear his mind and meet some new people. And yes by people I mean hot exotic women looking for casual sex.

I’ve been to many many places and think i have a fair grasp on what the best vacation hot spots are for single men looking to score…. I am basing my rankings on: the overall fun factor of the vacation, the hotness of the girls, how easy it is to score there, the party scene, and price.

5) Montreal

Yes Montreal Canada. I learned a valuable lesson during a backpacking trip through Europe several years ago. Canadian girls are cool and easy! I was staying in hostels at the time and quite often shared my bunkbed with a hot Canadian chic. I met many guys on the trip who echoed my feelings.

This prompted me to take a trip to Montreal a couple years back. Good call! Its 18 to party there so there is a pleathora of young hotties bouncing aroung… There are great (anything goes) strip bars to check out. Tons of bars… lots of live music…. and women that just seem eager to head back to your hotel with you. If you haven’t been to Montreal I highly recommend checking it out.

4) Las Vegas

I know its practically a cliche to say it but, “what happens in vegas stays in Vegas.” They’ve been pumping that slogan strong lately and it seems to be working. Girls seem to be more willing to party with strangers there then any other place I’ve been to in the US recently.

There is always something to do in Vegas, and the nights never end. If you got the energy you can sarge well into the morning. I have found that in Vegas you will tend to score with the older women. Im talking girls in there early thirties. Which is great because they are at there sexual peak.

Whats important to remember when heading for Vegas is that the hot bars and clubs change yearly so ask around when you get there. I recommend staying at the Hard Rock. Its got a younger crowd and a great party atmosphere.

3) Cancun

You can’t go wrong with Cancun. Its a place that will always be full of drunk horny college girls. It has the Girls gone Wild feel to it year round. Spring break is sick there but its in the summer time that I prefer going.

Stay at the Oasis. Its a cheaper hotel so most travel agents push younger people there. Buy a frisbe and just sit in the pool throwing it around with your friends while putting down pina coladas. Be the life of the party and soon all the girls in the place will be surrounding you. Me and a couple buddies literally had girls fighting over us in a matter of days.

2) Fortaleza Brazil

Yes, Brazil kicks ass. For many reasons. The main being that it is FILLED with hot sexy fun horny women looking to hang with the foreigners. Yes it may be an unfair advantage. But i take any advantage I can get. The place is chalk full of hotties. There are some great bars and clubs that you can pretty much guarantee you will at least hook up. Brazilian girls find nothing wrong with making out with a stranger within minutes of meeting. Fucking will take a little longer. But trust me, put your time in and you won’t regret it.

In Fortaleza I recommend renting a condo (most hotels will charge for overnight guests) go to Praia de Fotura. Take advantage of a $10 massage on the beach from a young hottie, and then invite her to meet you at club Amazoa later that evening. She’ll be there.

1) Rio de Janiero

Did you expect anything different. C’mon you should know me by now. When I die I hope I go to Rio……… There is something magical about the Copacabana strip, with its endless parade of hot chicks. Yes, some will try to charge you money, but those you stay away from. Head to Shenanigans. Its an irish pub where all the good girls go to have rendevous with foreigners.

I’ve been to Rio many times and can safely say it is the vacation of a lifetime. Cheap living, hot chicks, beautiful beaches, the city is filled with romance.

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