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Roosh Says: Don’t Get An Arranged Marriage In Egypt

An Egyptian immigrant writes to me with some self-limiting beliefs and questioning whether the “community” even exists in real life…

Hey Rooshman,

I’m a 24 years old Egyptian guy that came to America two years ago, and so far having great difficulty getting laid. I mean difficulty in getting laid by the girls I want not the ones that approach me.

I blamed my relationships failures on my race, my culture, my accent, my looks, and many other things. I couldn’t figure out so far why the hot girls don’t notice me or don’t get attracted to me, and when I get lucky with one of them and attract her, I usually screw up and never have sex with her. Eventually she ditches me. And I start over the whole thing, but it’s from bad to worse.

I wanted to find a girl to marry here in America, because i don’t want any arranged marriages from my country, Egypt. But it seems so hard. I see hot girls everywhere with average looking guys and I wonder how those guys got those hot chicks.. I’ve read many books on seduction and practiced, but man I gave up because i felt i was going nowhere.
I’m not sure if you can help me. Books are not helping me. I need a personalized advice from you. I’m not even sure if the community really exists. I only see it online.

Roosh, I have a girlfriend and I’m not happy but I’m afraid if i break up with her, I may not get fuckin lucky again. And that makes me feel bad because I’m using her. I have the chance to get laid with many average or ugly girls. But i want to get what i want, the hot chicks. I’m a smart guy and I think I deserve one of those hot stupid girls, at least to try before I die. I don’t want to die before I bang one of those blond hot chicks Roosh. Any ideas?


I find that with game your quality improves gradually. For example if you are banging 5’s now, then the next year you will get 6’s, and then 7’s, and so on until you hit a wall depending either on you or your game. For example based on my look, background, and style, there is a class of girls in Washington DC (think debutantes), then i just can’t get with. But then you put me in a bar with Brazilian girls or artist chicks and i do well. So there is some limitation based on us. With you I wonder if you’re getting 6’s now and want 9’s or 10’s. If that’s the case then your problem is shared by 99% of men.

I sense a confidence issue in your email. You are taking shit from a girl because you are scared of not getting another girl? This tells me that you are halfway in the beta male zone and have some inner game issues to work out. You are probably not going to different places to meet girls and experimenting with different looks and routines. My guess is you only go to bars and clubs and get blown out by the girls with attitude there and then get discouraged. Have you tried different places?

“I’m a smart guy and I think I deserve…”

Problem is intelligence is not a principal trait valued by “hot stupid girls.” What do they value? The all-American looking alpha males. If you are not that type then you are going to have to figure out a unique solution, again based on your environment. Whether your race holds you back is solely on you if you believe it.

I have an average looking Indian friend who always has a hot white girl on his arm, and I’m sure you’ve come across Asian guys with hot white girls as well. But my Indian friend NEVER goes to clubs. Be creative and use your mind to think about this a bit more. You need to come up with a plan. Write some new routines, find some new places, and keep going. You haven’t told me what you are currently doing to get “hot stupid girls” but my gut instinct is you aren’t doing anything.

Roosh is the author of Bang, a thorough yet inexpensive guide to getting laid that we review here. He recently contributed his First Date Survival Guide as part of the 31 Days To Better Game series.

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About Roosh "Roosh is a Washington DC native and worked as a scientist until he pulled out of the rat race to pursue a slower lifestyle. A member of the old Mystery's Lounge, Roosh built up his game after college, cumulating with the release of his book Bang almost seven years later. Currently he is writing his second book about his six month trip to South America in late 2007."

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