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Is Adult Friendfinder Legit? Real? 54th Most Visited Website!

The Truth Behind the Site

I get a few emails a week asking me the legitimacy of Adult Friendfinder. I never know whether or not to recommend the site to those who inquire about it.

I wish Race and Kelly would put out a guide for guys who just want some sloppy dirty sex off Adult Friendfinder. It seems there is a need for it. Anyone? Mike Stoute?

Eva Longoria - Piscina - 61I have several friends who have joined AFF in the past. Their reviews have been mixed. One friend quit after a month. Two other friends were on for five or six months and spoke highly of it. The two friends who got laid regularly off of it.. aren’t known for their high standards, so its tough for me to judge what kind of quality you can pull of it.

If I had to make an educated guess… I would say that you can probably do well with older women, housewives, fat chicks, and foreign girls.

Why do I say that? Well, older women and housewives tend to a bit hornier than the rest… (you won’t believe it until you experience it!) And the thought of casual sex is probably more enticing to this age group then a younger 20 year old who still has romance on the mind.

Fat chicks love AFF. Why? Because no guys pay them attention on Match. AFF is promoted as a “fuck buddy” type site… many more guys are willing to contact fat girls when the idea of a relationship is out of the question. I was actually over a friend’s house and he had two AFF fatties getting naked on IM for him. It was sexy in that sick perverted sort of way.

Why are foreign girls on there? Quite frankly they don’t know any better. Adult friendfinder is one of the most popular websites on the internet (the #’s below prove it) and many of these foreign girls go on hoping to meet a man. There is also the fact that many foreign women, like Brazilians, Dominicans, and some Eastern Europeans are much more liberal about sex, and have no problem meeting guys soley for sex.

I recently came across this listing on the 5 Most Visited Dating Sites on the Web. There is a company that ranks all websites in relation to every other website in the world. The number next to the site is their ranking.

1. Adult Friendfinder #54

2. #295

3. Plenty of Fish #510

4. E Harmony #953

5. Ok Cupid #1,324

Adult Friendfinder has a commanding lead over the other sites. Somebody owes it to us to produce a solid information guide on Adult Friendfinder.

While I would never use the site to meet a potential girlfriend, the thought of some casual sex with local sluts its pretty enticing.

Here is a call to action for the hornsters out there:

We recently added an article on TSB Magazine called How to meet women on Adult Friendfinder.?? It will give you a nice little blueprint to try out if you decide to get started with the site.

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