3 New Videos from Love Systems Instructor Cajun

PUA Cajun, one of the Love Systems instructors who will be at the Super Conference next week, sat down for an interview with Men’s Room TV.

Some of the topics covered in these videos:

  • How Cajun became a pickup artist.
  • The standard model for picking up.
  • Ways you can talk to a girl when you first meet her
  • Difference between a direct and indirect approach
  • Which pickup styles work when
  • What to do when a girl looks at you in a bar – the big mistake guys always make
  • How girls pickup guys in a bar
  • What a sexual frame is and how to set one
  • What women are thinking about when they're talking to you
  • How to show social intelligence
  • Why it's good to have some pre-thought out lines in your head
  • Cajun's famous drug dealer gambit
  • What a pickup transition is and how to use it
  • What an interactive value demonstration is
  • How to get a girl to answer her phone when you call her
  • What natural game is
  • The best line that most girls respond to
  • What women are really attracted to
  • Why average looking girls get hit on more then hot girls, and why you should talk to them.
  • Why rejection can be your friend
  • Cajun's tips for new guys getting started in the game
  • The importance of belief and inner game
  • How quantum physics factors into dating

We also had Cajun as a guest on our radio show awhile back if you missed it.

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