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Advanced Pickup Techniques: Qualification

We’ve decided here at TSB Magazine that we are going to start a new series for our members called “Advanced Pickup Techniques.” We haven’t published many posts that dive into the more complex pickup material for awhile do the fact that we’ve focused more on achieving a more well balanced social life. But we realize that there is a strong interest in learning advanced pickup, and moving toward a goal of becoming a Pickup Artist.

Qualification in Pickup

Rasta in love!One of the most important points that you want to get across to women is that you are interested in her for more than her looks. This is because a confident successful man has choices… and a man with choices needs more than a pretty face to satisfy him.

Women are attracted to men that they have to chase a bit and win over. Anything that comes to easily to them is viewed as lower status, and they will likely invest no effort into the encounter.

This ultimately means that you have to let a woman believe that she is winning you over based on the fact that you are sub communicating that that you appreciate her for who she truly is.

As you begin to improve more with women this will come easily to you because you naturally will be more selective about who you invest your time in.

In Mehow’s book he breaks Qualification down to these 3 steps:

1. You find out what her nobler qualities or just cute things about her are.

2. You approve her disapprove of the quality

3. You leave her guessing as to whether or not she has won you over.

Some typically taught qualifying questions are:

“What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?”

“Who do you most aspire to be like?”

“Which of you childhood dreams would you most like to see fulfilled?”

As you ask these questions you will use her answers to further qualify her. This is a prime opportunity where you want to implement push/pull that is discussed so much in pickup literature.

An example of push/pull in regards to one of the above questions would be:

You: Who do you most aspire to be like?”

Her: I think Angelina Jolie makes a good role model

You: Yea… I admire women who fight for a higher cause

You: But then again, I dated this really beautiful girl who seemed to be so interested in charitable causes… but then it turned out she was just doing it to fluff up her resume… are you the real deal, or just looking for a bigger signing bonus with your next job application?

What you basically did in that example was reward her for her answer and show her some genuine appreciation in her ideals… but then you took it way and made her qualify herself once again.

By continuing to qualify her throughout the night you sub communicating that you are of high value. High value guys have chooses, which means that their standards are much higher than the average frustrated chump who will jump at the chance to go home with the first pretty girl that talks to them.

Mehow also advises to: “Totally disqualify one her answers to your qualifiers.”

I usually do this at some point in the conversation by asking a girl about some of her adventurous vacations… more than likely the girl has never done more than take a cruise or chill out in an all inclusive hotel in the Caribbean. At that point I’ll say something like “We’re world apart on our ideal vacation spots” and I’ll immediately change the subject to another question. What I’ve found is more times than not the girl will start qualifying herself to me by saying something like “I really want to go somewhere more adventurous but I just haven’t had the opportunity.”

The main thing to keep in mind in regards to qualification is develop the habit of screening out girls who don’t meet your standards. Of course, in the beginning you’ll probably be faking it for a bit… but eventually you will find that you really will be more selective about who you will spend time with.

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