How to Survive When You’ve Forgotten Her Name

the day the man painted his feetAbout 8 a.m. you suddenly wake with a strong urge to pee. You are ridiculously dehydrated and your head is spinning violently. But when you open your eyes you quickly realize that you’re in an unfamiliar place. And you are in an unfamiliar bed, laying next to an unfamiliar girl.

Bits and pieces of the night before flash through your mind. The case or so of beer you guzzled down. Those unnecessary shots of Tequila. And then yes, you remember flirting with a chick… you vaguely remember making out with her in the parking lot. A slight recollection of her inviting you back to her place… searching for a condom.

But no fucking clue what her name is!!!

We’ve all had our Tucker Max moments, and it really isn’t as difficult as it seems to quickly and efficiently recover.

How to Quickly Figure Out What Her Name Is

If she is sleeping

1. As much as a shock it will be… play it cool. There is no need to panic and cause a scene. Nor should you one night stand (ariElle w/new hair)ever admit your blunder. Not if you want morning sex anyway. You need a clear head on your shoulders to find out her name before she awakens, or before the two of you enter into any meaningful conversation.

2. You probably have to pee. Go for it! It won’t look suspicious heading to the bathroom.

3. Once you get into the bathroom it is time to start playing CSI Miami. Scour through medicine cabinets for some sort of prescription medicine with her name on the label. Don’t just look for pill bottles either. Girls tend to use various types of prescription strength creams.

4. If she has any magazines in the bathroom flip through them to see if they have any subscription labels with her name and address. If she doesn’t have any in the bathroom try to glance around the kitchen or living room. There is bound to be an issue of Cosmo somewhere.

5. Look through her trash. This is the least pleasant, but most productive method of finding out her name. Look for that useless junk mail that we all throw out. There is bound to be a piece of unopened mail with a female’s name on it.

6. If she has roommates then you are going to have to be even more stealth. The last thing you want to do is call her the name on a pill bottle… only to find out it was her roommate Kim with the Yeast infection…

7. Return to her bedroom. If she’s awake, either pray she has to pee, or take some initiative and ask her to brew a pot of coffee. Once she is out of site, use this time to fumble through her stuff looking for any form of identification. Look for wallets, checkbooks, ID, photo album, business cards, or luggage labels. If she is still sleeping you’ll need to look for these items in other rooms in the house.

8. You’ll need at least 2 items with her name on it to be sure it is her unless one of them is a license or school ID.

If she wakes up or you’re at your place

1. Do not guess at her name. If you need to stall, call her babe, cutie, sweetie, or honey.

2. You’ll need to fish for information, but you will need to be super slick about this. Girls are not stupid and unfamiliar placeswill pick up on careless attempts.

3. Pull out your ID and make small talk about your photo. Ask her if she likes her picture. Then grab it like you’re going to make fun of it. Sneak a look at the name.

4. Ask her if she ever had a nickname… hopefully she’ll respond, “No, just [insert name]”

5. Ask her how old she is… whatever she responds claim to not believe her.. demand to see her license as proof.

6. Hand her your phone and tell her to put her number in it. Then have her read the number to you so you know which one it is.

There you go… you don’t need to be worried about waking up next to a girl whose name you don’t remember ever again. Trust me, the random sloppy sex is always worth the slight awkwardness of the next morning.

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