A Green Guide to Dating

I recently wrote an entire post about choosing a target dating market. The idea behind the post was that often times girls fit nicely into a category. These categories can include: sorority girls, professional girls, club girls, political girls, goth chicks, and so on. One of the up and coming groups that are rapidly rising in numbers are the Green Girls.

You know the green girls. They are vegans. They drive Hybrids. They want Al Gore’s dick. They yell at you if throw your empty Mcdonald’s bag out the window of your car…

Well, I’m sure that some of you guys out there might actually be attracted to this new genre of female. Thankfully for you I came across this article about Eco-dating Tips. The author of this amusing article basically draws up an entire marketing plan for scoring one of these Eco hotts.

Below is a passage from the article:

To find a match in the dating cesspool, you need to be willing to pull out all the stops. Once youve narrowed in on the potential love of your life, immediately execute an eco-friendly pickup line on said person. Might I suggest casually name-dropping every possible green nonprofit organization you can think of. This is absolutely critical.

Watch my lead:My favorite group is Friends of the Swainson Hawk. Theyre so awesome. They protect the threatened Swainsons hawk, which are really big birds that rely on farmlands through the Sacramento region for survival. During the summer, chicks fledge and fatten up to prepare for their long flight to Mexico and Central America for winter. Have you ever seen one soar? Oh, theye beautifulRepeat these sentences verbatim and youll secure a date with the hottie.

If you’re into these green girls… read the rest of the article.

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