The 31 Psyhological Triggers That Guide Human Behavior

The 31 Psychological Triggers

helpI’ve been reading a book by Joseph Sugarman on advertising. He spends an entire chapter on the psychological triggers that move people to take action.

These 31 Triggers will not only motivate someone to buy something, they are the essence of why human being make any decision that they make.

I wrote a post awhile back explaining why your Facebook profile is your social resume. Well, no matter what networking or dating site you are on… it couldn’t hurt to use some of these triggers within your profile.

I’ll list the 31 Triggers and leave it up you to decide how or when to use them.

31 Triggers

1. Feeling of Involvement or Ownership.

2. Honesty

3. Integrity

4. Credibility

5. Value and Proof of Value

6. Justify the transaction

7. Greed

8. Establish Authority

9. Satisfaction Conviction

10. Nature of Product

11. Targets Nature

12. Current Fads

13. Timing

14. Linking

15. Consistency

16. Harmonize

17. Desire to Belong

18. Desire to Collect

19. Curiosity

20. Sense of Urgency

21. Fear

22. Instant Gratification

23. Exclusivity, Rarity, or Uniquness

24. Simplicity

25. Human Relationships

26. Storytelling

27. Mental Engagement

28. Guilt

29. Specificity

30. Familiarity

31. Hope

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